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1426870cookie-checkMonster Hunter Stories Demo Set To Launch In Japan On September 20th

Monster Hunter Stories Demo Set To Launch In Japan On September 20th

Monster Hunter fans eagerly awaiting the latest implementation in the series, which is better known as Monster Hunter Stories, can expect to play an early version of the game in the next two days as of this writing. Capcom’s Monster Hunter Stories is expected to release next month for Nintendo 3DS, on October 8th.

As many should already know by now, Monster Hunter games stand to be quite interesting to me. If you feel the same and seek to play the latest Monster Hunter game that contains mount-able monsters, quest to take up and much more, look no further.

Capcom will debut a brand new and playable demo for Monster Hunter Stories via the Nintendo eShop in the next two days. That’s right, it comes in as a free download that shouldn’t take up too much memory.

This information comes in by Games Talk. The site details what the devs revealed during their Tokyo Game Show stage presentation, which includes the above information pertaining to Monster Hunter Stories’ demo.

If you are curious as to how the game plays out a trailer showing Stories in action can be caught below, thanks to CapcomChannel.

As for the demo, folks will be able to experience and play through the story in Quest Mode, as well as battle other Riders in Challenge Mode. A feature that I always like that is evident in this demo is transferable save data. Not only will folks be able to keep their demo save into the full version, but will also gain a special Nabiru Costume in the full release.

Monster Hunter Stories is shaping up quite nicely, especially from what the few gameplay videos revealed that show fighting and tamable monsters. If this game seems interesting to you, Capcom will release the demo for Monster Hunter: Stories via the Nintendo eShop over in Japan, on September 20th.

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