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NiOh’s New Screenshots Show Off Tokugawa Ieyasu And Okatsu

As of recent, Koei Tecmo released a new batch of screenshots for the game NiOh. Often compared to the brutal game itself Dark Souls, NiOh brings a few flavors of its own while depicting a story set in the dark times of matchlock and blade. NiOh is scheduled to release this year for PS4.

If you are into third-person action adventure games, with a side of swordplay, I think NiOh is something worth checking out. In addition to Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s game, the former released some new screenshots showing more characters in NiOh’s world.

Although the wait for the upcoming title is set for this Fall, these new screenshots will do a nice job in holding eager fans over until the devs announce an official release day.

For starters the screenshots consist of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Okatsu. History buffs should already know quite a bit about Tokugawa Ieyasu (or Matsudaira Takechiyo). However, if you don’t know that much about him, he’s the one who helped unite Japan as the first Shogun during the Sengoku Era.

As for the Kunoichi who is under Hattori Hanzo, all that is known about Okatsu (in-game) is that she is driven by her hate for the Samurai of the Sengoku Era. I’m sure we will learn more about her in the coming weeks.

As for the VA (or voice actors), Masachika Ichimura will be voicing Tokugawa Ieyasu, while Emi Takei will be standing as the voice actress for Okatsu.

The new screenshots sit below for your viewing pleasure, which showcase the aforesaid characters.

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As of now, NiOh is set to come out sometime later this year for PS4. No specific date has been released yet for the game, but I’m sure that will be addressed soon. For more information on NiOh you can head on over to

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