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1427140cookie-checkRiders Of Icarus Manages To Garner More Than 1 Million Players

Riders Of Icarus Manages To Garner More Than 1 Million Players

WeMade Entertainment and Nexon’s latest free-to-play MMORPG for PC has found itself on the right side of success. Riders of Icarus has reportedly garnered more than a million registered players as WeMade continues to pump out new content for the MMO.

Typically when such milestones are achieved the publisher rushes out a cool accolades video to help swoon those passing by and lure in those with a sweet tooth for curiosity. So quite naturally you’ll find an accolades video below where various media outlets have given Riders of Icarus their fair share of praise.

Some of those “accolades” are true… the game does have a fantastic mount system. I was really taken aback and amazed at just how many different mounts you could capture in the game. World of Warcraft meets Pokemon is not an unjust comparison to impose on Riders of Icarus.

The interesting about the game is that the mount system and pet system are completely organic. You don’t have to catch mounts regularly or turn them into pets if you don’t want to. There are obviously some quests that require certain kinds of mounts for specific traversal purposes, but otherwise players are free to bloom and grow their character (and mounts) as they see fit.

As usual, though, the editing of the trailer is what helps sell the game even more than the snippets of good praise from the gaming media. Nexon has been on point with the promo trailers for Riders of Icarus.

The next big update for the game will go live next week and it’s called “Rift of the Damned”. It introduces new character classes, new zones – including an aerial-only zone – to explore, new dungeons to conquer and new mounts to collect.

You can start playing Riders of Icarus right now by downloading the game from either the official website or through the Steam store client.

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