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Valley Gameplay Walkthrough

Blue Isle Studios’ Valley is a first-person, adventure game that combines platforming with deep exploration. The game is available right now on PC, and for those looking for a walkthrough guide to help them through the game, there is one that is available, covering all the important aspects required to complete the game.

Shirrako managed to put together a five video playlist featuring a visual walkthrough guide of Valley playing from start to finish. You can check it out below.

The intro for the game is notably well done with a gorgeous look at the valley while a mystical folk track plays in the background.

Early on players will get their hands on the L.E.A.F., suit. Simply follow the path around the valley through the basic tutorial phase, which teaches you how to run, jump, take life from living organisms and restore life to living organisms.

When you get to the ancient ruins simply restore life to the dead trees with the orange fireflies around them.

After making your way into the ancient ruins, you can grab a few acorns and a medallion from some nearby Pendulum crates and fall through the floor to get to the next area.

Breaking through walls is also possible by running into them. If you follow the red market to activate the obelisks for the tree, it’s possible to encounter more acorns and backstory on the military’s interest in the Lifeseed and the inhabitants within the mystical valley.

After activating all of the obelisks the tree of life will be restored and it’s possible to head back to the tree and explore the underground caverns.

after you get the double jump and head up through the ruins leading toward the Soma facility, you’ll need to deal with the Amrita swarms. Simply aim at them and tap ‘Y’ until they stop shooting projectiles at you.

Head up through the facility and continue to follow the path through the canyons, as demonstrated in the video below.

When you get near the top of the Soma facility, there’s a door that’s locked. You’ll need to restore all the nearby trees in order to open up the locked door.

You’ll need to run and double jump to get across to the facility. In order to make your way inside you’ll need to follow the path up the cliff side and jump off down below to crash through the ceiling of the facility and then head through the pipes to get further inside, which will lead you to a new L.E.A.F., suit upgrade called the Viper Coil, which works as a grappling hook.

Swing across the platforms and activate the door with a few couple of acorn. There’s another Viper Coil above that can be used to reach the next area.

Head through the platforming area toward the elevator shaft and use the L.E.A.F., suit to activate the elevator by powering up the elevator generator, which is a small cylindrical device next to the elevator console.

From there you can head through the short valley segment leading toward a few Pendulum crates with upgrades and acorns. The path will then lead toward the abandoned Soma facility.

Head up the facility and climb as high as you can. There’s a cracked floor near the shaft after you defeat the green Amrita swarm. Gain some height and jump through the damaged floor to get to the next area.

You can regain energy by taking it out of power generators located around the facility. Use the power to power-up the cylinder power supplies to light up the area and get through the area.

Eventually you’ll need to get through the facility and head down. There is one segment you should watch out for where you’ll need to up up through the elevator shaft and use the Viper Coil to get to the next area. It can be tricky if you don’t know what to look out for.

Once you get to the room filled with Amrita swarms, you can simply hop down the shaft and it will take you to the next part, where you’ll need to race through the underground rail facility, which is a fast paced segment not unlike something that would have been in an old Sonic The Hedgehog game.

When you get to the end of the rail there is an open grate at the top of the platform. Follow the grate down into the tunnel that eventually leads you to the reactor room.

Once you get into the reactor room simply make your way around the platform and leap into center and then make your way to the exit, located through the platform across from the reactor core. Head down and across through the conveyor platforms to get to the exit. You can see how that’s accomplished with the video below.

Avoid touching the water as you attempt to exit, otherwise you will die. Head through the crawl space to exit and make your way toward the Astra facility. You can also restore the trees in the area to restore the valley’s health.

You’ll need to face off against some new enemies that will drain the valley’s life if you get hit by them. So don’t get hit by them.

You’ll need to travel through the facility and gain some ground to break through a weak part of the ceiling at the Astra facility to get to the tram access.

Head through the jail cell facility where you’ll learn the fate of Edwin Hall, the soldier who tried to help Virginia shut down the facility. Head outside toward the giant head and into the mouth of the structure. Using the magnetic upgrade, use it to cling to the walls and scale up the wall until you get to the exit. You can restore more of the trees highlighted in the area to bring back the valley’s health, and also defeat a few of the nearby enemies while heading to the tram tracks.

You’ll need to head up toward the loading dock building just above the tracks.

After defeating another Amrita specter you’ll need to ride the tracks toward the next location, which has caved in over time.

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