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25 October 2016

Farming Simulator 17 Mods Bring Unlimited Money, New Maps And More

Now that Farming Simulator 17 is out, you know what arrived with the game? Compatible mod support. Folks around and about will now be able to get Giants Editor v7.0.0 64 bit, FS 17 Bielefeld Map v 3.0, 4Real Module 01 – Crop Destruction v 1.0, Money Cheat Mod v 1.0, and the Fendt 900 Black Beauty v 1.0. Farming Simulator 17 is out now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The first mod that comes in on this list for Farming Simulator 17 is by Giants Software GmbH, which was uploaded by Jon Der33. This mod is useful for creating maps, objects, placing stuff in/on your maps, and creating various mods. The mod is available to download now by going over to

The second mod on this list brings Bielefeld Map to Farming Simulator 17. The new and updated version 3.0 of Bielefeld Map comes in by modder Fendtnhjd, which if you want the mod you can get it by going over to

Modder John Der33 adds real destructible crops to all wheels except for care wheels or thin wheels. This brings another level of crop destruction to Farming Simulator 17, which comes in as version You can get this mod by going over to

Need more money? There’s a new money mod cheat that grants unlimited money right in your wallet (in-game of course) that adds 100,000 each time you press CTRL + 0 (or CTRL ALT 0, or CTRL ALT 9). This mod comes in by Alex2009, and Iban52. You can get this mod by hitting up

The next and last mod on this list comes in once again by John Der33. This time the modder brings us a Fendt 900 Black tractor (version 1.0) that is now usable in Farming Simulator 17. You can get this mod by heading on over to

Focus Home Interactive and Giants Software’s latest farming game, Farming Simulator 17, is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. You can learn more about FS17 by paying a visit to

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