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ICEY Brings Stylized Hack-And-Slash Combat To Steam Greenlight

Developers X.D. Network Inc has recently submitted their new hack-and-slash game titled ICEY, to Steam Greenlight, and has also released a few video trailers to show off the combat and gameplay mechanics.

ICEY is a 2D side-scrolling hack-and-slash game that focuses on fast-paced combat, quick dash techniques and really cool looking screen effects to bring the action to life. I also really love the cel-shaded graphics style that looks like a mix of 3D and high quality hand drawn artwork. The team posted a few videos, so take a look at the gameplay teaser trailer that I linked down below so you can see ICEY in action.

The setting takes place in a futuristic world filled with high-tech robots and machinery and deadly war machines. But the one thing that really sets the game apart is the story.

ICEY is fully narrated to tell a story while you play the game, the cool part about it is that it sounds like you will be able to manipulate the story based on your actions. If you follow the narrators instructions you will learn more about the story and world of ICEY, but at anytime you can deviate and follow your own path and perform your own actions which sounds like it will branch the story off to tell a different tale. I’m not entirely sure how this will play out over the course of the game, but the description for these mechanics sounds really cool.

They take the standard hack-and-slash gameplay and mix in a bit of storytelling for something new and unique. In an article from the website HyperLightUp, they asked the developers what ICEY was like, and in the quote below the developer replied and said the game was more than just a hack-and-slash game and compared the narrative to games like The Stanley Parable.

“We always say that ICEY is a metagame, somewhat like The Stanley Parable or Pony Island, it’s more than just an action game, since the action part is just the surface,”

The developers also released an older prototype video back in March, that features 10 minutes of gameplay to show off more of the combat and how you can chain together powerful combos to wipe out your foes.

The development team showcased ICEY at few game shows and won about 7 indie awards for their unique concept. Fans of the game that went to the gameshows and actually played the game have reported that it was quite fun and they are looking forward to seeing what the official game looks like at launch, which is scheduled to be released around the 4th quarter of 2016.

If you are interested in learning more about ICEY, you can visit their Steam Greenlight page for further details and to cast your vote to help get them accepted onto the Steam store.

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