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1428880cookie-checkMafia 3 Launch Trailer Features Ice Cube’s “Nobody Wants To Die”

Mafia 3 Launch Trailer Features Ice Cube’s “Nobody Wants To Die”

Ice Cube seems to have stepped away from the Hollywood movie machine long enough to make a catchy new rap song that has found its way into the launch trailer for 2K Games and Hangar 13 Studio’s Mafia III.

The launch trailer makes it known upfront that it’s not composed of actual in-game footage, but does appear to use in-engine assets. It’s a collage of violence and criminal activism wrapped up in a hotdog bun of revenge with a light dash of ambition sprinkled on top. You can check out the Mafia III launch trailer below.

The trailer focuses on Lincoln Clay but also gives us a look at Vito and Cassandra.

The trailer is actually put together quite well and the cuts, edits, action and the formation of an unlikely quartet of criminals to make up their own mish-mash of an uneasy alliance is highlighted within the minute and a half long trailer with expert marketing precision.

Strangely, the song used in trailer was actually made for the game. Ice Cube talks about it in a video posted up on the Genius channel.

Mafia III likely won’t appear in my gaming library until a long time from now but it doesn’t look terrible. I love the environments and the city designs. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in a really long time. Hangar 13 also wanted to add a lot more content to the game than what was featured in Mafia II.

I’m probably in the minority when I say this but I think Mafia II was perfectly done. It didn’t overstay its welcome, it didn’t have a lot of annoying grindy content, it didn’t sport ridiculous fetch quests or extend the story beyond what it needed to do. It’s rare that a game is made an appropriate length and remembered fondly for how well put together it was and how perfectly executed the story turned out, but Mafia II was one of those games.

Mafia III is going to have a large hill to climb in regards to matching up to what 2K accomplished with the 2010 outing.

You can get your hands on the game starting October 7th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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