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4 October 2016

Monster Hunter: Stories Trailer Explores Egg Capturing And Hatching

Monster Hunter: Stories is set to come out over in Japan on October 7th. Leading up to its upcoming release, Capcom will showcase new videos regarding Stories everyday from now until the 7th. Monster Hunter: Stories will be available for the Nintendo 3DS on October 7th in Japan, and currently holds no Western release date.

Seeing that the official release for Monster Hunter: Stories is just around the corner, which is pretty exciting, folks interested in the game will be able to watch actual gameplay videos of the game to see whether or not its something worth playing or skipping. As of course, the game will be releasing over in Japan first and will most likely release later for the West.

Capcom will be delivering daily videos from this day forward to ease the wait for eager fans until October 7th. These videos will cover core mechanics for Stories like monsters, characters and eggs, which the latter is covered in the video further below.

Unlike other Monster Hunter games that have the crawling feature, crawling will play an important role since you will be able to sneak up to sleeping monsters and carefully snatch their eggs from them. Additionally, you will be able to take the eggs back to town and keep them or hatch them.

When an egg hatches you will be able to see the Otomon (monster) and ride it into different sectors. Otomon, like other beast in the series, hold special abilities that can help in battles, or in the world around you — this includes breaking rocks, flying and so on.

Running only for a minute and 19 seconds, the video contains all things eggs. You can watch the trailer courtesy of CapcomChannel.

Expect more videos to release on CapcomChannel regarding Monster Hunter: Stories, in which the actual game will debut for the Nintendo 3DS on October 7th.

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