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1430270cookie-checkParty Saboteurs Officially Launches And Leaves Early Access

Party Saboteurs Officially Launches And Leaves Early Access

The Glitch Factory has created a pretty cool concept with their multiplayer strategy game Party Saboteurs. It essentially takes the Spy vs Spy element, and turns it up a notch by adding some unique twists.

Party Saboteurs is about a group of spies attempting to complete their objective as discretely as possible, however you can play locally or online with up to 3 other players, so things can get a bit tricky. The additional twist is that you will also play as a sniper at the exact same time, controlling both the sniper and the spy simultaneously. How does this work? Well, this is where the developers got clever, but watch the game trailer that I linked below to see how the game works before I explain it.

You play using a game controller, the right side of the controller and buttons controls the sniper while the left side thumbstick and buttons moves the spy around. The objective is to move the spy and complete your objectives by blending in with the other NPCs in the stage, while also finding your rival spies and sniping them off before they can complete their objectives. It will take a lot of hand-eye coordination to control both at the same time, as well as a sharp eye to spot out your enemies.

Party Saboteurs is like a 2D version of The Ship: Murder Party. The overall game is designed around not knowing who the other players are or what they are doing, even when you pick your character it brings up a screen where all the characters are assigned to a button instead of you scrolling over and selecting a character, so everything from beginning to end is discrete so that the other players will never know what you’re up to or who you’re playing.

I really love party games, and Party Saboteurs has added some new twists to the genre to make it unique. YouTuber Koz4Christ teamed up with his buddies to do a Let’s Play series and they tested the game out to give a pretty clear look at how Party Saboteurs actually works in game. Check out the video from his channel that I linked down below.

Party Saboteurs was in Early Access since it first made it to Steam back in March of 2016, but the game has officially launched the full version today on October 20th 2016. For those of you interested in playing the game you can grab it from the Steam store page for a fairly low price of $9.99 USD.

For additional information about the game and the development team, you can also visit their Official website to learn more.

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