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Pokemon Sun And Moon Demo Set For October 18th For Nintendo 3DS

The Pokemon Company and Game Freak plan on adding some new stuff to both Pokemon Sun and Moon, but you will be able to test it ahead of launch with a new playable demo ready for October 18th. The demo will be for the 3DS, and will even feature a special version of Greninja that can evolve into Ash-Greninja. Pokemon Sun and Moon will come out on November 18th for North American, and November 23rd in Europe.

Starting on October 18th, Pokemon Sun and Moon demo version will go live for the Nintendo 3DS via the eShop. This opportunity allows trainers all around to catch some of the new entries in Sun and Moon, with the demo holding a special Pokemon that seems to only be available by playing the demo and also by capturing Greninja.

This variation of Greninja turns into Ash-Greninja. I’m not sure how powerful this evolution is compared to its first stage, but I’d image that if you are a collector you best jump in on getting the free demo to snag it, that is assuming if Ash-Greninja won’t turn up in a later event.

Once Ash-Greninja is in your possession and you have it in the demo you will be able to transfer it to the full version of either Pokemon Sun or Moon.

Moreover, if you are looking to download the demo you can do so from one  of two ways. The first method of downloading the demo is by logging into the Nintendo homepage and using your Nintendo account linked to your Nintendo 3DS Network ID, and downloading the demo version to your linked device. The second method requires you to go to the eShop and download the demo of Pokemon Sun or Moon. And that’s all there is to getting the upcoming demo.

However, Sun and Moon contains more than just content listed above. The new trailer covers team missions, festival coins, the Poke Pelago, online support and much more.

Before signing out, there are some new screenshots that show the evolution forms of the three new starter Pokemon. The last screenshot shows Ash-Greninja — which is the new form of Greninja — as seen below.

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