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1428830cookie-checkThe CEO Test Challenges Players To Become A Corporate Leader

The CEO Test Challenges Players To Become A Corporate Leader

This game really acts like some sort of meta Augmented Reality Game to promote something else, almost like the CEO Test is literally a legitimate test for a company that is looking for a new CEO.

The game is about the player taking a test to become the new corporate CEO for the Glazial Group company, however… the developers who made the game is literally the Glazial Group, and they have a website that acts a bit like it is a real company looking for a new CEO for their company. They even have lines saying things like “Apply for the position of CEO by playing the game once it is released”. Whenever they describe the game, they seem to be treating it as if it is a stress management test to see if you can handle the position and all of the responsibilities of being a CEO.


The CEO Test is a strategy game where you will have to manage your finances, recruit new workers, add new rooms and offices to your building, perform hostile take overs of rival companies, and expand your business around the world. The CEO test will also be a non-linear, story driven experience, that also features adaptive dialogue that changes based on your actions and your mood, so you can replay the game over and over again with different results.

You will not only have to manage the company, but you will also have to manage yourself to make sure you stay mentally and physically fit to balance your own personal mental and physical health, while also juggling the company to make sure that you both strive to be successful. Take a look at the promotional concept trailer for the CEO Test that I linked below.

It really is an interesting concept they have put together. The developers say the game isn’t an ARG and that it is purely a strategy RPG and nothing more, so by completing the game you won’t become the leader for a real life multi-billion dollar company… or so we think…

I really like the marketing for this game of treating it seriously like an actual job simulation test and I think because of that it makes it stand out from a few other business management games. The CEO Test is currently on Steam Greenlight as a game concept, but you won’t be able to vote to get it on Steam just yet because they still have a bit of time left for developing the game. Furthermore, the CEO Test currently doesn’t have an official release date set for launch, so we will have to wait for further details and updates for when it will be available for the public. The developers made a comment hinting that they will make a more detailed gameplay video, so stick around for additional news.

For more information about the CEO Test you can visit the official Glazial website for further details.

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