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1429720cookie-checkVerdant Skies Offers A New Take On Farm Simulators

Verdant Skies Offers A New Take On Farm Simulators

Verdant Skies is a Harvest Moon style game developed by the team at Howling Moon Software. Yeah, I know it sounds similar to Harvest Moon, right?

The similarities to the above mentioned farming simulator are pretty obvious, but there are also other gameplay aspects that are pretty unique and cool. The main concept for Verdant Skies follows the protagonist living on an alien world and starting a farm to plant crops to survive. However, you can also just live your life as well and the game has systems for fishing, cooking and crafting other objects and items. There is also a cool genetic genome splicing machine that you can use to create a new variety of crops that you can grow and harvest, which gives you a great deal of possibilities for new plant life.


As for the create of character system, they are going for something a bit more modern. The Anti-social Justice Warrior crowd that hates all the politically correct propaganda in video games may not like this system, but at the same time I understand why the developers chose to do what they did to create more open-ended gameplay.

There is no gender option during the character creation process, instead you choose your skin color, hair color, hair style, and clothing options, so you create an avatar without a gender. Just like in the Harvest Moon series, you will be able to romance the towns people and seek out love. What this means is that you can pretty much romance whoever you want without your choices being gender-locked or restricted, this gives you a pretty diverse selection of romance options and character customization options.

Another interesting aspect about Verdant Skies is the hand-painted art style and 3D world that you will be in. The world itself is in 3D, but a lot of the characters and items are done in 2D sprites. The combination gives Verdant Skies a peaceful, and soft pastel-like visual art style. The developers put together a gameplay teaser trailer, so I linked the video down below for you guys to see; check it out.

Verdant Skies currently doesn’t have a release date set just yet and is still pending as “To be announced”, so check back for further details and announcements. For more information about Verdant Skies you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page and cast your vote, or check out their official website for further details.

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