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Hyper Jam: 80s inspired Action Game Comes To Greenlight

Developers Bit Dragon has posted up their new multiplayer arcade action game titled Hyper Jam, to Steam Greenlight and it’s filled with awesome retrowave music and fast-paced action packed combat.

The most prominent feature you will notice from the below trailer is probably the music. If you are a fan of retrowave music then there is a high chance that you will dig the soundtrack to this game. [Correction: we previously mentioned that Vulta and Dance With The Dead made the OST for the game but the developers mentioned that they simply licensed some of their favorite songs from the groups to include in the synthwave soundtrack for the game.]

As for gameplay, it is set in a overhead camera angle where several fighters are in an arena style stage fighting to the death. Hyper Jam features local deathmatch combat so that you can play with your friends together at home, but so far there is no mention of online matches though for long distance gameplay.

The stage designs look unique, ranging from Neo-Tokyo subways to skyline hotels in Miami. The developers say that the character designs were also  inspired by the 1980s, and I think it is safe to say that it shows in the character art designs.


The power-up system is quite unique as well because it is designed where the loser gets first pick. Hyper Jam has about 15 power-ups, and you can collect them to buff and upgrade your character. Before the new match starts you will have a chance to choose a new power-up so that your character can get stronger.

These power-ups will continue to stack for all subsequent rounds, but if you win the match, you are placed last in the power-up selection pool while the loser is placed at the top to choose the best new perk. This puts the previous winner at a slight disadvantage and will make the next match all the more interesting as your characters continue to get stronger with each new round.

To make things even more interesting is that the stages have deadly traps and hazards to take your opponents out. The stages aren’t the only thing you’ll have to keep an eye out for though, because Hyper Jam also has a deadly selection of weapons to choose from, ranging from rocket launchers to katanas, and even crossbows and hammers. The more damage you deal out, the more points you will earn at the end of the round, and the player with the most points will be the victor.

The developers released a gameplay trailer showcasing Hyper Jam, so take a look at the video down below.

The development team has been showcasing the game off at Pax Australia for the past few days, and so far the game seems to be doing pretty well and receiving positive feedback.

If you would like to learn more or help support the game, you can do so by checking out their Steam Greenlight page and casting your vote to help get the game onto Steam. For more information and details about Hyper Jam, you can also visit their official website for additional details about the game.

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