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1434120cookie-checkSnowflake’s Chance Brings Hardcore Platformer To Greenlight

Snowflake’s Chance Brings Hardcore Platformer To Greenlight

Developer Carl Morgan’s Snowflake’s Chance was a surprising twist when I found this game on Steam Greenlight.

At first glance it looks like a low quality Greenlight game, until you take a closer look at the trailer to see that it has quite a few features that makes the game amusing. Snowflake’s Chance is a tower climb game where you have to escape a giant pit. The game features hand drawn art for both its characters and backgrounds, giving the game a unique look.

You play as the cute little bunny named Snowflake, trapped in a deep dark pit filled with all sorts of evil monsters that literally want to rip you to shreds to eat you all up.

The goal of the game is to climb to the top of the pit to escape without dying. The entire game is pretty much one giant stage that you have to attempt to climb out of, if you slip and make a mistake and fall, you will have to start all over again climbing back up to the top. You have 99 chances to escape, and the developers say that every time you die, the “Evil Snowflake” will get stronger. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but I think it is obviously that dying should be avoided.

The stages are also filled with traps an other hazards you will need to avoid, but lucky for you, Snowflake has a few skills of its own to cunningly escape from the pit. You will be able to hide in special locations to use stealth to sneak past enemies to progress further up the pit.

You will also be able to recruit other animals to assist you.. however, Snowflake doesn’t use them to fight enemies, no, instead you use them as bait to throw them at your predators so that they will be eaten instead. While your enemies are distracted eating their prey, that will allow you to sneak past and continue to climb out of the pit. The theme of using weaker animals as bait gives the game a dark and rather funny twist I wasn’t expecting.

The developer released a gameplay trailer to show off Snowflake’s Chance, so take a look at the below video to see a bit of the gameplay.

If you like tower climb games and you think that Snowflake’s Chance looks fun, you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. The developer’s website is a bit lacking at the moment, but if you would like to learn more you can also check out the official website for additional details.

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