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1431870cookie-checkStrange Deer MMO “The Endless Forest” Launches IndieGogo For A New Remake

Strange Deer MMO “The Endless Forest” Launches IndieGogo For A New Remake

About ten years ago, developers Tale Of Tales, composed of Auriea Harvey and Michaël Samyn, as well as artist Lina Kusaite, got together to create a really strange game called The Endless forest, where you wandered around a massive never ending forest while playing as a creepy looking deer creature.

After looking into these developers further, I found out that they are also the same team behind the game Bientôt l’été, which some of you may remember as the game Steam reviewers called “The pretentious simulator”.

In some magical way, this game kind of became quite popular among its community of players that would last for an entire decade. The game now currently has over 170,000 registered players, with a lot of them logging on regularly to explore The Endless Forest. Oh yeah, The Endless Forest is also free to play, so it seems the developers only receives money through donations.

The Endless Forest is interesting because there are no words or text in the game, you don’t even choose a name for your deer, instead you get a glyph-like symbol that represents your deer creature that glows and floats over your head that is unique to your individual deer.

The developers even say that the strange language they created can’t be translated, so it is completely unique to their deer-folk in The Endless Forest. Just to give you an idea about some of the deer designs, take a look at Lina Kusaite’s video that shows off her original concept art.


Anyone else getting Forest Spirit vibes from the movie Princess Mononoke?

You may be asking “If there is no text in game, how do you communicate?”. Well, through gestures, actions and by using your little glowing glyph symbol thing to interact with other deer. The game also seems to hold special events based on the seasons and holidays where the developers themselves will take control of the Twin Gods statue to interact with the players, creating rain, growing flowers, and just manipulating the environment and having fun with a wide variety of other actions to make the game more interesting.

There are also several YouTube videos that were posted showing off the game with players streaming their lives about the deer people frolicing around the forest, dancing about having a good time.


However, the game is ten years old, and the developers realize that the current game engine and content is outdated and really old, so old that the game lags and sometimes crashes when too many players log on.

Despite the limitations, the team still has a lot of ideas and plans for the game and they would like to update it. In order to do this though they say that they will first need some help to raise funds so that they can completely remake the entire game with modern technology and graphics. This will not be a sequel game, simply a remastered version of the original Endless Forest to bring it up to date, which the developers are calling “The Endless Forest: The Second Decade“.

What they plan on doing is raising money and recreating the entire game using the Unreal Engine to give the game new life and a new gameplay experience without the limitations of their older game engine. Overall though, they consider The Endless Forest to be one giant art project, and they want to see that this creative art project continues to grow and inspire people.

If you are interested in supporting The Endless Forest and would like to see what an updated version of the game would look like, or you would just like to hear about the plans in more detail about what the developers are planning to do with the game, head on over to their IndieGoGo page to learn more.

For additional information and details about The Endless Forest, you can also visit their official website to read about the unique game world that Tale Of Tales has created, as well as download the game for free.

I recommend that you at least give it a try because the download size for the game seems to only be about 50 MB, and who knows, you might just enjoy adventuring The Endless Forest.

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