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1436430cookie-checkDex, Cyberpunk Side-Scroller Download Available For PS Vita

Dex, Cyberpunk Side-Scroller Download Available For PS Vita

Badland Games and the Czech indie studio Dreadlocks announced that the side-scrolling PC game, Dex, set in a cyberpunk universe has officially launched for the PlayStation Vita and is available for cross-buy for the PS4 as well.

The game features a mature storyline based around data acquisition specialist named Dex who ends up getting hunted down by a mysterious group of corporate mercenaries for undisclosed reasons. Players will have to help Dex find out why the mercs are on the prowl, and team up with various underground hacker groups to discover what the corporations are hiding from the general public. It’s like the story of Snowden but set in a cyberpunk universe.

Players will be able to explore the environments, scale the vertical pillars of the concrete jungle and interact with various NPCs throughout the journey. They offered up a PS Vita launch trailer for Dex that you can view below.

The gameplay is a little bit of a mix between parkour side-scrollers like Vector and beat-’em-up games like Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

Some of the interesting elements in the game is that there’s a fog of war element to the combat sections and players are actually encouraged to experiment with the gameplay, such as using stealth and silent takedowns to overcome some of the enemy combatants.

The game’s atmosphere has an industrialized urban vibe to it, as players move through the ruddy streets of downtown, toward the cleaner neon aesthetic of the gentrified zones.

If you decide to forfeit using fisticuffs or blaster pistols to negotiate your way through tough scenarios, you can opt to use hacking as a way to overcome some obstacles. The hacking mini-game is a side-scrolling shooter of sorts, tossed into the game to give it a different flavor of flair.

Much like Deus Ex and other cyberpunk games, you can also upgrade Dex with augmentations, enabling her to run faster, jump higher to reach certain areas, or explore areas that would otherwise be off limits to someone without augs.

You can pick up a digital copy of Dex for the PlayStation Vita for only $19.99. The game is available through cross-buy, so that means that you can also play the game digitally on your PS4 if you have one. You can grab the game from over on the PlayStation Store right now.

Also, if you didn’t already know, Dex is also available on Xbox One and PC as well.

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