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1434660cookie-checkHevn, Sci-Fi Adventure Makes Its Way To Greenlight

Hevn, Sci-Fi Adventure Makes Its Way To Greenlight

MIGA’s Hevn is a new science fiction adventure game set in the year of 2128. A century from now the Earth is no longer inhabitable and players will don the role of Sebastian Mar who travels to the far reaches of space on a seemingly isolated mining planet.

Things don’t quite go as planned and Mar finds himself trapped on the colony station with the MQ Series robot designed to help aid the mining workers on the planet. The AI will presumably help Mar with survival, from his health to fatigue and even his mental state of mind.

The actual gameplay of Hevn is said to be inspired by classics such as the original Deus Ex and System Shock. Gameplay consists of first-person exploration, puzzle solving and environmental interaction. A short minute long trailer highlights some of the graphical features and gameplay mechanics that gamers can expect from the upcoming title. You can check out the trailer below.

There are some interesting gameplay elements at play in Hevn, including being able to communicate with Mar’s family back on Earth using the in-game tablet, and dealing with the vices and challenges of the mining colony through a day and night cycle complete with randomly generated events to keep players on their toes.

You’ll have to eat, sleep, drink and moderate your medication in order to survive. You’ll need to travel on foot or use the in-game transport to explore new locations and find digestible foods and plant life in order to survive. You can also acquire currency to purchase upgrades and goods or scavenge for tools and weapons for combat.

It sounds like a true successor to gameplay first-person adventure games like System Shock.

MIGA has plans on releasing the game in 2017 for PC and Mac sometime during the spring of 2017. If you want to see Hevn on the Steam store and you think it looks like a fun game, you can give the title an upvote and a favorite over on the Steam Greenlight page.

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