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1435920cookie-checkScrap: Four Player Co-op Shooter Game Comes To Steam Greenlight

Scrap: Four Player Co-op Shooter Game Comes To Steam Greenlight

Scrap is a four player action-arcade, twin-stick shooter game, developed by a group of students at Top Shelf Studios, made as a project for their final year in school.

The story for Scrap takes place in the future where mankind created robots to complete almost every task for them, only for that to backfire and the robots rebelled and took over the earth. Due to a lack of resources, the smaller robots couldn’t keep the larger robots maintained, and thus they eventually stopped functioning and fell apart.

Now, the world has stabilized a bit, and the last few remaining humans have banded together to survive. To collect resources, the humans send out brave hunters that they call “scrappers”, to fight off the robot army and to gather supplies. You play as one of these scrappers.

Scrap currently has four unique missions that takes you through the desert wastelands, a rundown highway, an abandoned trainyard, as well as a robot graveyard. The developers say that if more players join in the game, then it will also create harder missions and spawn more enemies for you to fight. They also say that you will have 13 powerful weapons to choose from to help you wipe out the evil robot army.

Unlike most co-op games, Scrap also has friendly fire activated, so if you don’t aim carefully you could end up shooting your friend in the back. The developers put together a gameplay trailer to show off Scrap, so take a look at the video linked below.

Scrap will be available in December of 2016, an the game will be free to play since it was made as a student project. The developers also say that if they are Greenlit they plan to add in additional content, such as extra missions for you to play through. Scrap will also feature Xbox-360 controller support.

For more information or to support the game, check out their Steam Greenlight page for further details.

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