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Warcube Devs Reveal Command System And Destruction

In one of the latest post over on Haven Made’s site, it reveals new GIFs laying down what eager fans can expect when Warcube releases in January of 2017. Reinforcing the latest content to be in the action packed all-out-war cube game comes another post on Steam showing the game in its current state.

Warcube is shaping up to be a very interesting indie game given the footage, GIFs and other material up for the public to consume. Adding on to that comes some snippets of in-game footage showing a command system, explosives blowing enemies up, and knocked out mountain teeth.

The devs over at Haven Made have gone up with three new GIFs revealing content that was once mentioned before in previous updates pertaining to Warcube. As noted above, the three events will play an important role when storming forts, taking on an onslaught of enemies and executing plans with multiple friendlies on your side.

The first out of the three in the “GIFLOG” take curious gamers eyes in the sockets of a commander’s eyes. The short running GIF reveals a sphere that encamps fellow cubes that allow them to either follow you or to move in an appointed direction.


The next image is pretty self explained in that… everything blows up accordingly in the realm of Warcube.

Lastly, we see a mountainous area with a face in it containing incisor and canine teeth. And yes… you can shoot the stone-like teeth out, which will most likely damage enemies under the falling teeth if you choose to do so in a timely enough manner.


Honestly, the game is shaping up nicely to be made by a small indie team. Hopefully in the future when the devs release the game it lives up to the stuff shown in the trailers and then some.

If Warcube looks like a game worth keeping an eye on you can hit up to learn more.

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