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Dead Cells, Rogue-Like Enters Steam Greenlight Seeking Votes

Indie developers Motion Twins seek to bring gamers a 2D-style, rogue-like game entitled Dead Cells. Recently taking the title to Greenlight to get votes, the team also published a new video showing off the PC game in action.

Last year during November we covered an indie game by Motion Twins, which barely had any info available; if you recall correctly that game was actually Dead Cells. Back then there were only MP4 videos showing snippets of progress and what the devs were hoping to add to the game.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2017 and we now have the same game, but shaping up to become a complete title by going through Steam’s Greenlight system.

As it stands now, the game is looking pretty nice just for it to be made by a small group, especially the attention to detail and lighting. I haven’t mentioned it here, but I always like seeing hand-animated cartoons and games with distinctive lighting and emotion. Not to get confused with character emotion, but film or environment emotion that shows little things moving and carrying on while in the background. Those ambient effects can really help bring a game to life.

In addition to the game and its animations, the fighting is looking pretty sharp too. I’m not sure how well the animations sync with the controls so that players can execute moves on time, but from the looks of it the game seems to have nice response time for players to pull off evasive maneuvers and lethal attacks.

As it stands now, the game’s latest trailer is up for you to watch which allows you to be the judge by checking out the new content shown below.

For more information on this game you can head on over to, or you can vote for the indie project by heading over to Steam Greenlight.

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