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The Surge Cinematic Trailer Released

Focus Home Interactive and Deck13 released a new cinematic trailer for their upcoming hack-and-slash, action-RPG, The Surge. The game is very similar to Deck 13’s Lords of the Fallen, except instead of being a hardcore, medieval-fantasy game they’re focusing on a hardcore sci-fi fantasy game.

The cinematic trailer centers on Warren, a new employee at the Creo Corporation’s surgical offices. The trailer is only a minute and a half, jumping back between some crazy robot fight scenes, a giant boss robot and Warren getting his exo-suit graft. You can check it out below.

I like the premise of this game, and the combat looks okay. I think if it actually takes itself seriously enough and focuses on the character dynamics in the story it could end up being pretty interesting. I’m instantly reminded of Neil Blompkamp’s Elysium. The grafts, as depicted in the trailer, look excruciating, and hopefully it’s something they explore in proper depth in the game when it launches this May. I’m just curious what person would want those exo-suits permanently fitted to their bodies?

The game does delve into the madness that overtakes some of the employees, forcing Warren to have to fight his way out of the Creo facility. The combat takes a slightly different turn than what you might be expecting. Since Creo is about attempting to rebuild the world using exo-suits as a means of advanced construction tools, they don’t have actual weapons on the suits. This means players have to craft and fashion construction tools into weapons.

You can collect new gear throughout the game and upgrade it for the purpose of surviving against the enemies you’ll face in the game.

I do worry about the lack of enemy variety, lots of empty spaces and a weak story that could hinder The Surge from being as good as it could be; but hopefully I’m proven wrong and Deck13 delivers a hard-hitting action-RPG this May. You can look for the game to launch on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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