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Xbox One Sold 1.5 Million Units In December But Still Lost To PS4

The December, 2016 NPD numbers have been circulating around various sites and it’s been revealed that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 sold a total of 3.1 million consoles throughout December last month. According to Rectify Gaming the NPD also revealed that the Xbox One sold 1,511,000 units while the PS4 sold 1,568,000 units.

According to Gamespot Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One has reached an install base of 26 million while the PS4 has reached a new milestone in its install base. According to the Tech Times the PS4 has managed to peak over the 53.4 million mark for its install base.

Both units are struggling compared to what the seventh gen consoles were doing. Then again, there was a lot of strong software to help push the hardware back in the early days of the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360. We’re already several years into eighth gen and the PS4 and Xbox One still don’t have a killer app out.

The PS4 Pro is said to have helped bolster the sales of the PS4 in general thanks to the beefier specs and promise of (pseudo) 4K gaming.

A lot of gamers are holding their breath in terms of what those numbers will look like when the Nintendo Switch finally launches on March 3rd, officially kicking the ninth generation of gaming into gear. Microsoft will join in on the action when they release the Xbox Scorpio at the end of 2017, which is aimed at competing with the PS4 Pro in terms of rendering 4K output for games.

Right now a lot of games aren’t really pushing the graphics standards much in the console space, so higher resolution for okay looking games seems like a moot point, but Microsoft and Sony may attempt to leverage the graphics game to compete with the Switch, which is going for the more traditional route of finding new ways to engage with the actual gameplay.

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