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Halo Wars 2 Cheats Let You Add Supplies, Super Power, Upgrade Points

Want some simple cheats to get through Halo Wars 2? Well, cheat trainers have already started popping up for the game with the release of the Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition being made available for Xbox One and on Windows 10 PCs ahead of the release of the standard boxed and digital version of the game.

You can grab a hold of the trainer by downloading it from the Cheat Happens page.

You will sadly need a premium account before you can get your hands on the trainer. You can check out the list of cheats for Halo Wars 2 below.

Add Supplies

Add Power

Add Upgrade Points

Add Max Population

Add Leader Points

Over on the forums, user Pwizard breaks down how to use each cheat and what effect it has, along with a few other caveats.

Essentially, the cheats don’t just max out the respective stats in Halo Wars 2. You need to use the number pad on the right side of the keyboard and it will add more resources to your stash.

Also, when it’s time to use super health, you have to first select a unit by clicking on it and then pressing the super health cheat button. You can also use the super health cheat on enemy units and buildings as well, so be careful with the super health cheat… and try to avoid using it like a drunk painter with a roller and a blank white wall as a canvas.

The same rule also applies for the weak health cheat… only select the unit whose health you want to severely weaken.

Halo Wars 2: Ultimate Edition is available now for those who pre-ordered the game. However, the full game will be available to everyone starting February 21st on Xbox One and Windows 10 for PC. It should go without saying that you’ll likely want to avoid using the cheat trainer in the online multiplayer matches, otherwise your account might get flagged.

As usual, cheat responsibly.

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