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1441550cookie-checkKoei Tecmo Updates Toukiden 2’s Site Detailing New Features

Koei Tecmo Updates Toukiden 2’s Site Detailing New Features

Koei Tecmo has updated Toukiden 2‘s official website to reflect some new features that include new weapons, story elements and more. As of now the game is already out in Japan, but it will soon hit the West for PS4, PS Vita and PC through Steam on March 21st in North America, and March 24th in Europe.

If you are a fan of Toukiden and seek to get the latest installment in the game you’ll have to wait if you aren’t over in Japan. While Western folks have to wait a month to get their hands on the title, Koei Tecmo released some information regarding the game that covers new weapons, story elements and much more to ease the wait time.

For starters we learn that weapons in Toukiden 2 can be customized in a sense that allows for personal upgrades and enhancements that come from freed souls of fallen heroes, which is better known as Mitama.

Upon beating bigger and ferocious enemies will release Mitama from the Oni and will allow players to imbue stuff like weapons, armor and other stats to gain an additional boost.

Something that will be new to the whole Toukiden series in general is the element of control within summoning Oni to help fight alongside players. This feature will allow enemies (who are now under players’ control) to attack other opponents and act as either an offense distraction or a defense mechanism.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that players will only be able to equip three Mitama at a time. This means that choosing a combination that fits a specific playstyle will count drastically. Players will be able to select the three during a pre-battle prep phase, which is meant to help with balancing and scaling with deadly foes.

As for the new weapons, folks will be able to use a wide variety of tools like swords, spears, knives, gauntlets, chain-sickles, bows, clubs, pole-arms, rifles, and two new weapons that include the Sword & Shield, and the Chain Whip. Both offer a unique style that blends solid offense and defense, while using different styles to combine heavy and light attacks.

Lastly the story for the game, which Koei Tecmo detailed, sees the village of Mahoroba driven by internal conflict. Despite having to protect Kagura, the Shrine Maiden, two rivaling groups known as the Samurai and the Imperial Guard clash for dominance. This clash puts the future of the sanctuary settlement in jeopardy, while another set of questionable Slayers coming from the Holy Mount seek to intervene, leading to the question will the Slayers prevail and save humanity or will they fail?

If you want to learn more regarding Toukiden 2 you can hit up the game’s main site, while the game itself will soon hit the West for PS4, PS Vita and PC via Steam on March 21st in North America, and March 24th in Europe.

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