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Morphite: Exploration Space Adventure Game Comes To Greenlight

Indie developers Crescent Moon Games recently posted their new first-person adventure game titled, Morphite, onto Steam Greenlight, and they say they were inspired by classic titles such as Turok, the Metroid Prime series, and Rachet And Clank while developing the game.

Players will play as Myrah Kale, a young woman that lives on a space station with her adoptive father as they run their workshop. When Myrah’s father asks her to go for a run for supplies, things don’t exactly go as planned as she stumbles across a mysterious and rare material known as Morphite. The developers don’t go in detail about what exactly Morphite is or what it does, but they do say that it is connected to Myrah’s past, and after discovering the material she is thrust into a grand adventure to travel the stars to learn more.

The developers say that Morphite is open-ended and features randomly generated planets for the side missions to give players more to do, but it sounds like the main storyline will have hand-crafted levels, and you will also be able to visit various space stations as well.

Morphite will also feature random encounters aboard your ship as well as real-time space combat. While on ground, it appears that the game will be a first-person shooter, and you will have the ability to upgrade your ship, find new weapons and drive different vehicles. As for the graphics art style, Morphite has decided to go with a low-polygon look. Last but not least, Morphite will also feature a fully voiced main storyline.

The developers released a gameplay teaser trailer, so take a look at the video that I linked below.


Morphite doesn’t have an exact release date, but they do say at the end of the trailer that it will be coming Early 2017, so you can expect it to hit the stores soon. If you would like to see Morphite come to Steam, you can head on over to their Greenlight page to cast your vote. For additional information about the developers and all of their games, you can visit their official website for further details.


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