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Path Of Exile Announces Massive Update With 6 New Acts In A Single Expansion

When I first started watching the trailer for Path Of Exile’s new update, The Fall OF Oriath, I was thinking to myself “Oh cool, a new expansion”, but as the trailer went on, I realized just how massive this update really was with all the new content they have crammed into their newest expansion.

Developers Grinding Gear Games has decided to go all out and are throwing some really serious heavy punches to beat out their competitors this year. The last time I wrote about Path Of Exile they were on Act 4 and announced new skill gems and an interesting new story arc with the Prophecy system.

The newest update, Path Of Exile: The Fall OF Oriath, is adding in 6 new acts to the game in a single expansion. That’s right, they are going from Act 5 and ending with a bang all the way to Act 10, with new skills, maps, and storylines! Grinding Gear Games released a trailer on February 14th to announce the new changes coming this Summer, so check out the new video I linked below.

The official Path Of Exile website lays out the timeline and details for the new expansion, stating that Act 5 starts it off with The Fall OF Oriath as you return back home to the Kingdom that once sent you away as an Exile, and now you have finally made the long journey back home. The story continues with a second bonus chapter of the story called “The Gods are Rising“, and it is pretty much what it sounds like; you will become a god slayer as great beasts rise from the shadows.

Act 6 is titled “The Rising Tide“, as the god of the sea comes to claim more territory.

Act 7 brings Lord and Legion, the Bandit tribes unite together to form a new group, and new Vaal ruins have risen from the depths for you to explore.

Act 8 is titled Eclipse, and it sounds like the temples of Solaris and Lunaris are caught in a civil war, but we’ll have to wait and see to get the details. Meanwhile, something vile seems to be poisoning the water, and it is up to you to figure out what.

Act 9 is titled Reunion, so it sounds like we may be seeing some old faces coming back to haunt us.

And it all comes full circle once more with Act 10, as you Return to Oriath to “make your final stand” as they put it. The massive new content update will bring new skills and abilities, new areas, and new dungeons. From the sounds of things, Path Of Exile: The Fall OF Oriath will also allow you to claim the power of the gods to become even more powerful.

Path Of Exile: The Fall OF Oriath will begin beta testing near the end part of April and the beginning of May, and will go into full release between June and July 2017. For more information about Path Of Exile: The Fall OF Oriath, you can visit their official website for further details and announcements.

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