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1444840cookie-checkGorescript, Gory Voxel-FPS Game Lands On Steam Greenlight

Gorescript, Gory Voxel-FPS Game Lands On Steam Greenlight

When searching through Steam Greenlight you never know what you’ll come across, and in this case I came across Gorescript. The voxel-FPS game set for release on PC has me a bit puzzled.

Well, it seems that for some reason this voxel-FPS game stands out from the others somehow, and even had one of the founders of FPS games, John Carmack, praise it for what it has to offer.

Made by one developer, Gorescript wants to bring back fast-paced gory action like no other recent day indie FPS game, and it seems that people are actually into this game.

The official description for Gorescript sits below.

“Gorescript takes place in a pixel universe dominated by relentless monsters out to erase you from existence. The game is a throwback to all the shooters at the beginning of the genre history. Gorescript puts a pixel gun in your hand and lets you loose into crazy levels guarded by blocky horrors.”

If you like first-person shooters set in a low-polygon count realm, using shotguns and machine guns to tear through an onslaught of enemies, I think that this trailer showing Gorescript is worth checking out.

One thing that I have to give to this game and the lone developer credit for, is that at least the game does not use randomly made environments, or procedurally generated stuff, but instead uses manually made content. It seems that every indie game uses procedurally generated content, especially on Steam Greenlight — so at least the hand-crafted content is one thing that this game has going for it.

Anyways, if you want to vote for Gorescript you can head on over to Greenlight to help the game out. For more information regarding this game and to see why people like John Carmack are thrilled to see it, you can visit

Lastly, a playable demo is up by going over to gorescript.us15.list.

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