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Gravity Rush 2: Raven’s Choice DLC Walkthrough

Japan Studio’s Gravity Rush 2 finally received its latest bit of free DLC for the PS4. This features Raven’s story, which begins before the main events of the core game. In the main story Kat sacrifices herself to save Hekseville and the rest of humanity by joining the gravity singularity, but Raven’s story begins with an attempt to save the children of the Ark, which takes place between the events of the second game. For gamers curious about the latest bit of DLC, there’s a walkthrough available.

YouTuber Tealgamemaster has a five video walkthrough of the newest DLC entitled “The Ark of Time”. You can check out it out below.

After a short cinematic, Raven will need to beat up some thugs harassing a woman. Just like in the previous story with Kat, you can use Square to attack and R2 to evade enemies.

After the miniature tutorial, Episode 1: Red and Black will kick in.

Just follow the nav markers using Raven’s gravity abilities to beat up the Nevi. You can also use the Gravity Throw with Circle to throw objects at enemies. You’ll need to go to the four energy collectors to defeat the Nevi.

Once you complete the task a cinematic will play and Episode 2: In The Labyrinth will start up.

As Sachya, you’ll need to find your lost memories in the dream-like place that looks like it comes right out of El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron.

There’s something you need to take note of when you jump in order to get the memories: she picks up momentum when jumping, so you’ll need to compensate for the slight momentum forward when you land.

Continue to grab the memories and avoid the patrolling monsters. Move through the room of pillars and to the opposite side. Head toward the sing set after platforming across the structures.

The swing set will shift the gravity so you can collect the rest of Sachya’s memories.

As you collect the memories, there’s a giant teddy bear you can collect that alters the gravity once again.

Move through the maze and collect more of the memories. Platform across the pillars and avoid the monsters until you get to the drawing, which will shift the gravity once more.

After you get the memory about her cutting her hair to look like Zaza. Head back the opposite way you came and all the way up the ramp to get her satchel, which will alter the gravity once again. This will lead Sachya to the clock.

There’s a stealth section where there are three monsters patrolling around near a bus… wait for the first monster to turn its back and then move on the side of the pillar to sneak around it.


The memories reveal that Raven was Sachya, and she was left at the bottom of the world for a few months, but managed to escape and return to Hekseville, but half a century had already passed.

This explains why Raven is so intent on saving the children on the Ark.

Once Raven is restored, she’ll have to attempt to help Zaza escape the Collectors.

You can use Raven’s projectiles to hurt the Collectors. You can only get Zaza to move after you defeat the monsters and clear out the Collectors on the isles. Once the Collectors are clear, Zaza will automatically leap to the platform.

Lead Zaza to the Ark and this will end the episode and start up Episode 3: Trapped in Peace.

During the gravity stasis where everyone in time has frozen except for Raven, there won’t be any markers, but you’ll need to find Dusty, who is down below near a tree by the a newsstand. Follow Dusty’s meow and continue to chase him through Hekseville.

Dusty will lead Raven to Kat.

Bit will tell Raven she needs to use the Nevi to find the Keepers, so follow the nav markers and defeat the Nevi. Follow the light that that appears and destroy the Nevi where the light’s last position.

The light will eventually lead you to Cyanea.

The next task is to find Gade.

You’ll need to rinse and repeat the same steps, defeating Nevi, exposing the light and following the hints. Once you reach Gade a cinematic will play and then Episode 4: Light and Shadowwill begin.

When you get to the realm of Light and Darkness, you’ll need to defeat all of the dark Nevi and take over the sectors where the Dark Nevi are located. It’s like a game of Domination.

There are five sectors you’ll need to take over and maintain control over. So long as you prevent the dark Nevi from taking back over the controlled sectors you can progress.

After taking over all five sectors and defending them, you’ll need to fight the boss, Lumino.

Defeat Lumino and then you’ll have to do the same sector takeover again, this time against the light Nevi. Destroy all the light Nevi and turn the sectors dark in order to summon the Dark.

Once you turn all the sectors into darkness, Tenebria will emerge.

When her life gets down pretty low she’ll create shadow duplicates, so you’ll need to determine which one is the real one. If you have projectiles to take her out, then use those.

In order to escape Illumina just use the gravity slide before time runs out. You’ll need to alternate between moving through the portals of light and darkness and staying on the light path when Cyanea instructs you, or moving through the darkness when told to.

This will conclude episode 4 and start Episode 5: Inner Demons.

Tenebria and Lumino end up escaping and taking away the light and darkness from Gade and Cyanea.

You’ll need to find eight memories while Lumino and Tenebria are trying to kill you. You’ll need to scavenge for the memories and dodge the other two attacks at the same time.

Raven will reminisce how she went from Sachya to Raven and found Xii, the raven that turned her into Raven and gave her the gravity shifting abilities.

The eight memories are scattered around the city. You’ll find one on a bridge, one in the square, several on the ledges and another up in a tower.

After unlocking the Phoenix ability, Raven will be able to fight both Tenebria and Lumino. Use the power of the Phoenix to defeat the two.

Once the light and dark are defeated, Episode 6: Unshed Tears will begin.

Raven will be required to defend the Ark from the Collectors. You’ll need to use Raven’s projectiles to wipe out as many of the Collectors as you can. The drill kick is useful but it will miss unless you aim it correctly.

If you use your special on the boss Collector and then go Phoenix mode on it, you can quickly break all of its weak points.

Following the first fight, bring the Collector to the train station where Kat is located.

Defeat the smaller Collectors before the time runs out.

Raven’s final task is to catch the bus that she was on when she was a young girl; she must alter time and prevent the bus from reaching the bottom of time. This will repair an anomaly in time but also erase Raven’s past as Sachya.

Use the gravity powers and chase the bus down.

This will separate Sachya from Raven, but also restore both Sachya and Zaza to the normal world.

The Gravity Rush 2 DLC is available right now for free on PS4.

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