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Lego Worlds: Here’s How To Do The Money And Treasure Chest Glitch

Looking to get infinite money or find unlimited treasure chests in Lego Worlds? If so, this guide will teach you how to get unlimited money on a PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

A lot of people seem to be stumped on trying to get the glitches that provide infinite money in Lego Worlds to work. Well, there is a way to get them to work and both have one thing in common that is a guarantee.

Multiple people took to these glitches recently trying to get them to work and the only thing that gets money pouring in is another player. Upon playing with a friend it is guaranteed that you will get infinite money from one glitch, and the other by exploring a glitched-out world.

The first glitch that is the easiest to do involves two players and a door. One of the other players must spam the placement button just right so that you can have a reversed door keep spawning inside itself without panels, which creates money in the other player’s screen.

The next glitch is a bit tricky, but it only works if you have another player with you and if the map has some serious issues. Upon seeing glitches every few seconds and other odd things, while with another player, it’s likely that you will come across an infinite treasure chest.

The video below does not show exactly how the glitched-out world looks or the beginning segment, but it does reveal how it looks once the infinite treasure chest is opened and how you can keep receiving items from it.

The video below comes in by JayShockblast.

The popular piece-building franchise was known as Lego, or in this case, Lego Worlds is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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