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1444680cookie-checkNex Machina, Cyberpunk Physics-Based Shooter Announced For PC

Nex Machina, Cyberpunk Physics-Based Shooter Announced For PC

HouseMarque and Smash TV creator Eugene Jarvis have teamed up together to create a dystopian, futuristic, killer cyborg shooting game called Nex Machina. If the name alone doesn’t sound awesome enough to make your yellow underwear stained with a yellow substance, maybe the new announcement trailer will do it for you.

Instantly the game reminds me of The Game Bakers’ Furi (which ironically they recently announced some new DLC), as it sets players in a futuristic environment where they will battle through waves of cyborg enemies in a series of isometric levels filled to the brim with neon flashing lights and retrowave music. It’s like Robotron meets Blade Runner meets Kavinsky.

You can check out the absolutely drop-dead awesome trailer below featuring an animated sequence of scenarios combined with some great synth music and a seriously kick-butt cyberpunk vibe. It reminds me of those hardcore animations from back in the 1980s and early 1990s, like Heavy Metal and Fire and Ice.

Of course, since there’s so little actual gameplay on display, you’ll likely want to see what the more gameplay-oriented trailer looks like, which Housemarque posted up recently on their own YouTube channel.

This came alongside the announcement that Nex Machina was due for release at some point later this year on PC. The Steam page is up now and you can add the game to your wishlist.

The voxel-driven destruction will keep gamers coming back for more, and with 100 levels to conquer, replayability surely shouldn’t be a factor.

They have a deep meta-game and scoring system, along with leaderboard support, unlockable content (which is awesome, since most unlockables these days are attached to premium DLC packs), and they have signed distance field ray-tracing. I don’t know if that’s actually in the game or if they’re just talking up features, but if they’re actually using SDF ray-tracing then they’ve effectively beat some of the path-treacing enthusiast in making a marketable version of ray-tracing for use in a real-time environment, which has been a goal for a lot of engineers over the last half decade.

Nex Machina Art 4

Nex Machina: Death Machine will launch on PC at some point in 2017, as mentioned earlier. For addition info you can either visit the Steam store page or the official website. Also the promo art for this game is just downright amazing. Check out one of the art posters below.

Nex Machina Art 2

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