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Nier Automata Emil Boss Walkthrough

Platinum Games’ Nier: Automata is chock full of hidden secrets, references tucked away in the far corners of forgotten worlds, and plenty of special Nier Automata Emil Boss fights to loom beyond the basic quests structures and story format. One such encounter is with a rather bombastic character that appears halfway through the game known as Emil. This inventory vendor also doubles as a level 99 boss fight, and this guide will explain to you how you can fight him.

You’ll find Emil roaming around the Ruined City. You obviously can’t miss him given his ridiculously loud music and the machines that follow thereafter. Leave and come back; it’s probably best to teleport to another location and then teleport back to the Ruined City.

Once you meet Emil for the second time he’ll mention to you that he lives deep underground, and he suggests for you to visit him when you get a chance.

In order to get there, you’ll need to head through the city toward the crater where there’s a water access pipe with water flowing out. Jump inside of the pipe and head to the end, and there will be an elevator. Take the elevator down underground and clear out the machines. You can see how to reach the elevator thanks to the video walkthrough provided by YouTuber Shirrako.

Once you fight through the robots, move through the tunnel, and float down the chasm into yet another dark cave. There are a lot of high-level, dangerous machines down there. Run past them and toward the door. You’ll find eventually find Emil’s abode tucked away in a corner. Grab the mask from the rack and then head up toward the elevator just above the slope.

Make your way back toward the elevator and exit from the cave.

Go through the Ruined City and track down Emil – you’ll have to shoot him to get him to stop.

Talk to Emil and he’ll tell you that a bandit has broken into his house and that he put all of his valuables in a secure container so he doesn’t have to worry anymore.

Make your way back around to the pipe along the top ridge of the crater in the Ruined City and go back into the pipe that leads down into Emil’s place. You’ll need to hack the container and open it up to take Emil’s head.

Emil will stop you at the door and you’ll have to fight him before you can exit his place. He’s level 99 and will flood the screen with bouncing heads that will take your life, so you’ll have to work hard to dodge them.

Once Emil is defeated he will speed off and say you can have access to his stash.

If you continue to level up your weapons and get them to 100%, you’ll unlock another secret encounter with Emil. This time when you talk to him he will say that you’ve gotten strong and there’s nothing else for him there. He’ll speed off toward the desert and the quest “Emil’s Determination” will be accepted.

Head to the desert toward the location where some giant machine heads are buried in the sand. You’ll see Emil tipped over by them.

Talk to Emil again and a giant centipede-style boss will emerge from the ground.

You can battle Emil using 2B, 9S, or A2, so long as your weapons are maxed out at 100%.

A timer will count down after defeating the Emil clones, and you’ll need to destroy it before the timer finishes.

Emil will die, toppled over next to his clones, once you complete the quest.

Nier: Automata is available right now for the PS4 and will launch soon for PC.

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