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Prey New Trailer Covers Weapons And Powers

Bethesda just released a new trailer that covers the weapons and powers in the new upcoming iteration of Arkane Studios’ Prey. The video trailer shows how a player can mix and match the weapons in the realm of Prey and how they can work with abilities obtained through the first-person shooter’s story.

While there seems to be quite a bit of people on the latest video for Prey and around and about on other forums wanting Prey 2 — the game that got canceled — the fact behind it is that Prey 2 is officially dead now. This means that the latest Prey by Bethesda and Arkane Studios is gearing up to come out, and to acknowledge its upcoming release Bethesda dropped a new video showing “Weapon and Power Combos”.

I’m not much of a fan of the music in the video trailer, but from the looks of what the video has to offer weapon/ability mechanic wise, the game looks like it encourages different play styles with the guns and skills given in the base game.

The new video trailer covers some stuff that folks have already seen in previous videos, but it showcases the Gloo Cannon, Huntress Boltcaster, Electrostatic Burst, Phantom Genesis, Lift Field, Machine Mind, Phantom Shift, Superthermal, Disruptor Stungun, Recycler Grenade and the Typhon Lure.

If you want to see some of the weapons and abilities mixing together to help in fights or around the environment, you can check out the one minute and 30 second long video trailer by Bethesda Softworks.

Although I’m not really excited for this game, I do hope that when it does launch that it does not come out janky like Dishonored 2′s PC version. I know Arkane Studios was working hard to fix the PC issues present in Dishonored 2, but if it ever resurfaces again and manifests through this iteration of Prey, then that could look really bad on the developer’s end.

Anyways, Prey is slated to debut for PS4, Xbox One and PC come May 5th.

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