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1443890cookie-checksys.jack(): Dystopian Hacking Platformer Comes To Steam Greenlight

sys.jack(): Dystopian Hacking Platformer Comes To Steam Greenlight

sys.jack() looks a whole lot like a sidescrolling version of Shadowrun mixed with Syndicate, and because of that, this game looks like a really interesting concept.

Developers Caiysware is the creative team behind sys.jack(), which is a retro pixel art game that takes place in a procedurally generated world. Now I normally don’t like procedurally generated games, but the gameplay directly affects the game world based on player performance and actions, which makes sys.jack() a unique case because it adds more replay value.

The story takes place on Mars, after mega coperations have colonized and terraformed the planet. Over the years, poverty, corruption, and gang wars has taken over and degenerated the planet into a cesspool of violence and greed. From here, cyber gangs formed, Jacking into crypto-systems for credits and power, you play as one of the leaders of a Jacker crew.


Based on what you steal and who you hack will affect the story and the game world, which will change the type of technology that is built and how the mega-corps grow. The levels and the world will randomly generate as you play to create new content to evolve the world based on your actions.

The developers say that espionage and tactics plays a large role in both the story and the gameplay, and the trailer showcases a few minigames that you will be able to play as well, such as a hacking, Roadrash style street racing, as well as hiring and managing your Jacking crew,  with each member having unique skills and abilities to help you pull off more complex missions. The developers put together a teaser trailer, so check out a bit of the gameplay in the video linked below.

The story, the gameplay and the graphics looks like a really cool concept, however, the developers say that sys.jack() is still pretty early in development, so there currently isn’t a release date for when the game will be finished, but they are hoping to get Greenlit before the Greenlight project dies this Spring.

If you are interested in supporting the developers and seeing this game come to Steam, you can head on over to their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote and learn more about the game.

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