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Toukiden 2 Trailer Covers Multiplayer And Cross-Play

Koei Tecmo has gone up with a new video for Toukiden 2. The video showcases quite a bit of features in Omega Force’s game, and covers multiplayer and cross-play functions. Toukiden 2 is out now in Japan and will release across PC, PS4 and PS Vita in North America on March 21st and in Europe on March 24th.

The Monster Hunter series’ fighting elements can be found in Toukiden 2, but elevated to the next level. For instance there is the ability to decapitate giant enemies to gain an upper hand in battle, fighting alongside other hunters to take down an enormous beast, and using tactical maneuvers around the environment to slowly chip away at the deadly foe you are facing.

As of recent, Koei Tecmo released an update for Toukiden 2 main site showing some of the game’s features well ahead of its March 21st and March 24th release dates. This includes gemeplay features mixed with online play, which according to the official site that reads:

“You can participate in battles with up to four players from around the world. The game supports cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita systems. The PS Vita system also allows you to play with your friends over an ad-hoc network.”

In addition to online multiplayer Toukiden 2 single player mode has been updated, delivering more open world cooperative Joint Operations. This function allows players to meet other Slayers, creating opportunities to aid those in need, which will grant rewards in weapons, armor and new Mitama. As of course, you will be able to join or form a party while out in about, but if you happen to be offline you will be able to interact with Ghost Data, known as Doppelgangers, that offer the same support as another player.

A new trailer by Koei Tecmo Europe shows the aforementioned in a two minute and 37 second long package.

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