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Destiny 2 Lifespan Will Supposedly Be As Long As World Of Warcraft

Gamers and folks around and about are trying to get as much information to pique their Destiny crave. They’ve been scouring for any morsels and details based on the little bits of info that’s been circulating recently. Well, with the latest announcement of a PC release for the upcoming looter-shooter and the shedding of the much older PS3 and Xbox 360 variants, one thing a lot of people have been asking is: how long will Destiny 2 be in operationg in compared to the original Destiny? There’s an answer to that question by someone who thoroughly enjoys the first game.

Catching wind from publication site Gamasutra who posted up an interview that just took place not too long ago with Microsoft Studios chief Phil Spencer, we learn that Destiny 2 will “supposedly” (and I stress SUPPOSEDLY) sport a lifespan equivalent to that of World of Warcraft.

During the interview that Gamasutra had with the chief of Microsoft, the following regarding Destiny 2’s lifespan can be seen below.

“Destiny 2‘s gonna be one of these games that I expect five, six, seven years from now, people are still going to be playing that game. It’s going to be a little bit like WoW. Which you know, whatever its been, 10 years later, 15 years later, millions of people play the game.”

The interview also contains a portion that reads that Spencer has around 600 hours into the first Destiny, so it’s obvious that he likes the series and hopes to see the best for it.

In my honest opinion, a game will only last for 10 plus years if it offers gamers something to get attached to. The game has to engage players in a way that’s not shoehorned in and provides a sense of originality that allows players to insert their own twist or gameplay style in said game that poses an actual challenge through skill and not by instant-kill dumb AIs or derivative gameplay modes.

But then again, we also have big companies these days where their status speaks louder than an actual product; in that they’ve reached a point where they can put out a half-done game and it’s worshiped as if its some sort of divine entity, even when it’s only sub-par (sort of like DICE’s take on Star Wars: Battlefront).

Anyways, it’ll be interesting to see what Destiny 2 has in store… even though DLC and pre-order garbage has been announced before any actual gameplay footage has been shown. But it does make me wonder how the PC version will fare, or will it just be a console port to just grab more cash from PC gamers? Only time will tell if the newly added PC version of Destiny 2 and the game itself will be good, and if the lifespan of the second iteration will somewhat match that of WoW.

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