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1448050cookie-checkGarry’s Mod Workshop Mods Adds Blackbrook Asylum, Geralt, And Bendy

Garry’s Mod Workshop Mods Adds Blackbrook Asylum, Geralt, And Bendy

Garry’s Mod is a thing that keeps growing, and a lot of people seem to adore it. Well, as of recent, some new mods are available for download that offer a new map called Blackbrook Asylum, Bendy from Bendy and The Ink Machine, Geralt from The Witcher 3 while wearing the Ursine se,t and model packs from all Brothers in Arms games.

The first mod or add-on comes in by CWardee, who recently submitted the stage Blackbrook Asylum. The description for the mod sits below.

“Blackbrook Asylum revolves around a 20th century derelict Insane Asylum that has succumbed to nature. Can be used mainly for Zombie Survival or other gamemodes similar to Hide & Seek and Murder.”

You can learn more about this mod (as seen below) by hitting up CWardee’s Steam Community page.

Bendy 2

Up next comes the character from the insanely popular indie Greenlight game Bendy — from Bendy and The Ink Machine. Although fans of said game are still waiting for chapter two to surface, the Micky Mouse-like character, once again, is now playable in GMod thanks to Estafanoida.

As seen below, the playable model and ragdoll version of Bendy can be further researched by hitting up Estafanoida’s Workshop page.

Bendy 3

You would think that Gearbox would continue the Brothers in Arms series due to fans still wanting another Brothers in Arms game, but no. So instead gamers/modders Hauptmann, TheDevilsOwn and Hauptmann went in and managed to import all of the three Brothers in Arms assets as a map pack into Garry’s Mod for players around to download.

While we may never get a new hardcore WW2 FPS game that has no ammo or health regeneration, and where both the player and enemy can die in one or two shots, gamers can now recreate the 12 year old game (and Hell’s Highway) in GMod. You can learn more about the mod by hitting up Hauptmann’s Workshop page.

Bendy 4

The last GMod mod on this list comes in by Dank, TFA and Zombine. The mod brings The Witcher 3’s Grandmaster Ursine set for Geralt to where. As seen below, the mod can be downloaded by hitting up Dank and TFA’s Workshop page.

Bendy 5

Garry’s Mod is available right now for $9.99 over on Steam.

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