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1448390cookie-checkLittle Nightmares Set To Run At 1620p At 60FPS On PS4 Pro

Little Nightmares Set To Run At 1620p At 60FPS On PS4 Pro

Sony’s mid-gen refresh console has had a difficult time in achieving true, native 4K resolutions in games. Many times they settle for checkerboarding at 1800p, or upscaling to 4K. Well, another game also fails to hit native 4K… Bandai Namco’s and Tarsier Studios Little Nightmares joins the group of sub-4K titles running on the PS4 Pro.

WCCF Tech is reporting that if you bought the PS4 Pro to play 4K games, don’t expect to play Little Nightmares at native 3840 x 2160 with progressive scanning.

Instead, the game will run at either 2880 x 1620, 2560 x 1620, or 1440 x 1620. Most assume it will be a 16:9 ratio. The difference in resolution between the different scales could be rather significant. In the first case you’re looking at a count of 4.6 million pixels per frame. In the second case it would be 4.1 million pixels per frame. And the last one would be 2.3 million pixels per frame. But it’s extremely unlikely they would go with 1440 x 1620, as that would give you more vertical view space than horizontal space, making the game look odd on the the screen.

Nevertheless, whatever final resolution they go with it will mostly run at 50 through 60fps. Majority of the time will be 60fps, but it sounds like during heavy sequences where a lot is taking place on-screen, it will drop down to 50fps.

Some commenters questioned why they didn’t just opt for 1080p at 60fps? It’s a good question, but the vanilla PS4 will run Little Nightmares at native 1080p at 30fps, so Sony likely wanted to ensure that those who owned a PS4 Pro would at least be able to get some benefit for the price that they paid for the system. Even still, native 1080p at solid 60fps sure beats 1620p checkerboarding with potential drops.

Little Nightmares is due for release on April 28th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. If you own a decent PC rig, you won’t have to worry about performance issues because you can just run it at native 1080p and 60fps easy peasy.

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