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1446470cookie-checkPhil Spencer Releases Phantom Dust HD Screenshot For Xbox One

Phil Spencer Releases Phantom Dust HD Screenshot For Xbox One

I literally forgot about this game. Phantom Dust was an action game released back in 2004 for the original Xbox, and, for its time, it was really cool.

Phantom Dust was developed by Microsoft Studios, and published by Microsoft and Majesco. I used to have a group of friends that loved this game and would play it regularly, always begging me to join them. The original Phantom Dust also had elements of a collectible card game where you would battle other characters and if you won, you would unlock additional abilities to add to your customizable arsenal of attacks.

Characters in Phantom Dust had the ability to sling energy based projectiles at each other, similar to something you might see in an anime like Dragon ball Z or Naruto. You had an energy bar called Aura, the more you used your skills, the more Aura would drain. Players had to collect Aura particles that were placed around the arena to refill their Aura gauge in an attempt to best their opponent to bring their life bar down to zero to KO them and win the round.

Phantom Dust was going to get a remastered reboot, but Microsoft decided to cancel the game, and instead, has decided to just re-release the original with HD graphics. This now brings us to Xbox Executive Phil Spencer and his tweet that teases a look at the new HD re-release of Phantom Dust that he posted on Twitter. The first picture down below is the original game from the Xbox back in 2004, the second picture is the HD re-release version.


Phantom Dust3

Phantom Dust

For those that wanted an actual reboot, there is a leaked Alpha gameplay video that surfaced on the internet that was uploaded by Kain Production, which shows what the real reboot looked like before it was canceled. Take a look at the video down below.

Keep in mind, the re-release version of Phantom Dust that is rumored to be coming out later this year, is not a real reboot or proper remake, they are simply taking the original game and slapping some fancy new graphics on it to make it look shiny, but there is no re-worked code or gameplay, hence the reason the game appears to still be capped at 30 Frames per second in the above screenshot.

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