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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

CI Games’ first-person, open-world action game, Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, picked up a ton of hype from Euro locals and fans of sniper games. If you’re looking for a bit of help getting through the main campaign of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 for the PC, PS4 or Xbox One, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available covering the game’s main story campaign.

The The game follows Jon North, a special elite sniper sent to Georgia to carry out special operations. The main campaign is only six hours long, but you can easily squeeze a few extra hours out of the experience thanks to the side-missions and extra quests. You can check out the complete walkthrough below courtesy of RabidRetrospectGames.

The game’s prologue teaches you all the necessary control functions, how to crouch and stealth, how to switch ammo, how to use the scope, how to tag enemies, and the basic story setup between Jon and Robert.

A wolf will attack you near the start, and you can hold down R2 to perform a melee attack.
You can use L1 to scout,. You can also use the drone to scout and tag enemies as well. You can hold down on the digital pad to open the gadget wheel and repair, remove or change your equipment.

They also teach you how to snipe using the advanced scope features. You can zoom using the left trigger, and then use the left and right digital pad to adjust the sights on the scope, and the up and down buttons on the digital pad to adjust scope elevation.

Once you rappel down into the compound you can use Square (or ‘X’ on the Xbox controller) to grab an enemy and interrogate the soldier.

There’s a camera just inside the building, so if you want to avoid tripping the alarm, avoid being spotted.

Once you finish shooting the mercs in the head and the cinematic plays, you’ll be transported to Northeastern Georgia and get your first taste of vehicular operation. Drive the dune buggy to the safe house where you can customize your weapons and check on the available missions you can take.

The first main mission is called Two Birds. The mission includes tracking down the Butcher of Borjomi by heading to the gas station. Simply drive to the marked location and head up the mountain.

Once you reach the spot sit and wait at the spot until the target arrives. You can kill both targets when they walk by an explosive red barrel – shoot it within the two targets are within range.

Once you complete the mission head back to the safe house to cue up a cinematic involving Lydia.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Gameplay Walkthrough

The next mission is called Grave Diggers. You’ll need to rescue civilians being marched to a cemetery for summary execution.

As usual, follow the marker to the waypoint, which is nearly 2KM away, and infiltrate the area.

There are some guards just outside the church where the hostages are being held. There are also two guards inside the dilapidated church.

Just outside the church the civilians are being forced to dig their own graves. Take out the guards to free the civilians.

The next mission is called Blockout. You’ll need to take out another Separatist leader on the blocks. It’s standard kill and keel.

You can infiltrate the block and simply stealth through each of the rooms and kill the baddies as you make your way through the upper floors.

You’ll need to jump up and climb up through the broken floor to get up top. You can use the roof to snipe Ivan Krustchev, and complete the downed drone mission while you’re at it.

Cut Off is the next mission that requires accessing the satellite array at an enemy facility. Once you reach the location, you simply need to zipline into the facility, stealthily take out the patrolling guards and use the laptop to reposition the three satellites.

Flying Sparks is the next mission on the list, and it’ll take you to the train depot. You’ll need to grab the manifest from within the depot. You can use the drone to spot out all the patrolling guards and civilians.

You’ll find the manifest inside of a house with a guard inside. It’s just south from where you need to dump the fuel from the tanks.

Once you cause both tanks to leak, you’ll need to blow them up and then make a daring escape.


Head to the next safe house and meet up with the French vixen, Raquel.

Watch the cinematic… for cleavage.

Young Wine is the next task where you will need to infiltrate the winery, Hitman style. First you’ll need to find the keys to the truck so you can take the truck into the winery to kill the targets, but before you can do that you first have to search the houses for the keys and then take some civilian clothes.

The keys for the truck is on the uppermost floor in the bedroom, inside the villa. There’s a dresser that glows that has the civilian clothes inside.

Head to the Windfarm to hide your gear inside the dumpster. Proceed to the rendezvous with Lydia, and then proceed to take on the Big Fat Wedding mission.

You don’t have to do anything but walk to the church – another cinematic plays and then Remains of the Day will commence. You’ll need to infiltrate the headquarters after trekking through the village.

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