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1446790cookie-checkTotally Accurate Battle Simulator Trolled Fans By Announcing They Canceled The Game

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Trolled Fans By Announcing They Canceled The Game

I almost didn’t notice the email that was sent to me by developers Landfall games, the makers of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (or TABS for short), but once I opened it, the contents were quite shocking!

Imagine my surprise as I read the email as they detailed that their market research studies revealed that no one wanted to play the game in its current state, and the game was a lot more fun as a first-person zombie shooter, so they decided to do an overhaul by doing as the fans requested and turning the game into… “Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator“, a first person online shooter. Take a look at the quote from the email that was sent to me and other subscribers that explained the changes.


Guys, we have some pretty big news! We are no longer working on TABS, because honestly who wants to play a silly physics based simulator.

Our market research tells us what you actually want is first person shooting, survival and zombies. Therefore we switched our focus and made a zombie survival game called Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator.

TABZ features:
10 person multiplayer survival.

Revolutionary first person physics shooting.

Zombie spawn points.

Procedural silly walk system.
Use the key below to access the game on Steam

Now at first, I didn’t think they were serious, that is until I scrolled down and saw they had provided me with a free Steam key to play their new… Zombielator, and upon entering it into Steam it verified it as an official game and proceeded to download the game. At which point, to my horror, I actually thought they were serious (I had forgotten it was April Fools due to the fact I’ve been very busy these past few days). Below the download link was also a trailer for their new game. Now as the game finished downloading, the only thing I had going through my mind at this point was…

So I watched the trailer, and everything changed as I stared in awe. Take a look at the trailer for Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator that I linked below.

I played it. It was beautiful. The drunk looking animations, the level designs, the googly eyes, the weapon combat and physics-based animations. It was glorious. The FPS was dreadful, the optimization was garbage, and the screen shake was all over the place, but none-the-less, it was an amazing hot mess that was oddly enjoyable. April Fools joke or not, I think Landfall Games might be on to something here.

However, April Fools is now over, so the official Steam Page  no longer has TABZ listed anywhere on the website, it’s like the project never existed and has vanished like a ghost. I don’t know if it will still work, but if you head to the official Website and go to the very top of the page, it says that if you subscribe to the News Letter you can download the game. If you are lucky, maybe you’ll receive an email with a Steam Key.

So if it doesn’t work and you are interested in playing and you want them to bring it back to test it out for yourself, you’ll need to flood the community page to get them to release Totally Accurate Battle Zombielator to the public by popular demand.

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