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New Metroid Game Rumored To Debut On Nintendo Switch

About two or three years ago I went back and played the classic 2D Super Metroid and had a blast. However, wouldn’t it be nice to get a new Metroid game boasting similar feats as the 2D version(s) but done with today’s tech? Well, it seems that I’m not the only one who wants a new iteration, especially with a rumor circulating around that a new Metroid game for the Nintendo Switch could drop in the near future.

I should note that this is just a rumor and that the game currently being worked on may or may not be a new Metroid game, but the prospect of it happening is more likely to happen now than past rumors. I say this because publication site GameRant recently posted up that composer Alexander Brandon updated his Facebook page (May 3rd post) revealing something new.

Before elaborating about this news, I know that some people hate the Switch and there are some out there who like the device for what it has to offer — but the recent rumor has it via GameRant that the likelihood of the alleged Metroid game is set to debut on the Nintendo Switch — so whether you love it or hate it, it could be Nintendo’s platform of choice for the next Samus Aran adventure.

Now that that is out of the way, Brandon posted on his Facebook page that he is now working on a top “secret project” with Retro Studios. In addition to that, Brandon is a huge fan of Metroid and has worked on music for Torment: Tides of Numenera, Aven Colony and Voidrunner. As for the latter, works such as Metroid Prime games have come from Retro Studios, in which Brandon commented on said matter, which sits below:

“I’m currently working with Retro Studios here in Austin. As much as I’d like to say more (except the work is incredibly exciting and the team is awesome), I can’t.”

As noted above, this game could be anything but if it were an actual game continuing Samus Aran’s adventure or a reboot of some sort, I’m sure a lot of gamers would be happy for a new entry regarding one of gaming’s most popular intergalactic bounty hunters to grace the gaming scene as a 2017 outing.

It’s worth noting that the publication site announced that the hybrid device known as the Switch is performing quite well, selling over 2.7 million units since its launch back in March. According to Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima we learn that the company has more titles unannounced that are in development for the device that will drive more sales even further, couple that with the growing demand for a new Metroid game and you can see why gamers are speculating that Brandon and Retro Studios could be cooking up a new Metroid title.

Although I hate rumors and like solid evidence, this very rumor does have my curiosity in that Nintendo (via GameRant) did note that they will try to present a big E3 this year, which I think a new Metroid will help make the appearance at the gaming convention that much more potent.

Anyway, do you think the new game will be that of Metroid or do you think it is something unrelated?

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