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Terry Crews Explains Why He Joined The Glorious PC Master Race

Actor and former football professional Terry Crews recently talked about his experience with connecting with his son and building a glorious high-end gaming PC. He talked to Business Insider about the experience and ultimately what led him to joining the glorious PC Master Race.

In the brief interview segment, Crews stated…

“I didn’t know what I was doing at all. Me and the whole relationship with the PC world is kind of wonderful because I remember coming in and watching my son, and I thought he was playing video games, but he wasn’t. He was actually watching someone else play video games on the computer. And I was like, “Wait, wait, you’re not playing? You’re not – what is this?” […]


“And I realized I was losing my son. I was losing him and I said, I need to be a part of his world. I need to find out what he’s about.”

Crews explains that oftentimes fathers take their sons under their wing and force them to learn about the stuff that interests the father and not necessarily the son. Crews decided to do the opposite; he wanted to learn more about his son and his pastimes, as opposed to forcing his son to follow in his footsteps.

Thus, Crews began the journey of attempting to get involved with the glorious world of custom built PCs. You can check out the quick two minute video below where he explains how he got into the whole thing.

Crews says…

“I didn’t know what I was doing at all. I just went and got a list and all the video tutorials I could find. And bought all the stuff. And then I got Facebook to help me.”

The journey of building his PC was chronicles across both Facebook and YouTube. A lot of PC techies and gamers helped Crews and his son build a computer in real time.

Crews says it was like putting together the “most advanced Lego set ever”, which isn’t far off from the truth. A lot of tech these days is designed to be user-friendly, opposite of building custom PCs back during the 1980s and 1990s, where misconfiguring hardware was common place, and mixing and matching some parts would cause hardware failure. Not every brand was compatible with one another, and you sometimes had to manually configure the system files and autoexec.bat to ensure that everything executed and booted up properly.

And oh boy that’s not even getting into configuring extended and expanded memory for various games since there were no GPUs back in the day to handle video memory access. Those didn’t become popular until the late 1990s when the Voodoo 3Dfx dedicated graphics cards became a thing.

Things worked out for Crews and his son, though, and they even posted up a video showing the finished product over on his official YouTube channel.

He explained that the whole thing brought him and his son together, saying…

“It was a bonding experience between me and my son. Once that power button – you press the power button and it all worked. The thing lit up. And we were playing games. We [would] play games and see what’s happening. And I just, this is the most satisfying thing ever. It’s like the new HAM radio.”

A HAM radio with more than 11.3 teraflops pure muscled up processing power. But the point still stands, Crews knew where the real party was and it was in the yard of the Glorious PC Master Race.

Welcome to the brotherhood, Crews.


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