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E3 2017: Injustice 2 New Trailer Reveals Sub-Zero Gameplay

Warner Bros. Entertainment and NetherRealm Studios have revealed the iconic blue ninja known as Sub-Zero in the Fighter Pack 1 for Injustice 2. The new gameplay trailer shows off the popular Mortal Kombat combatant in Injustice 2 as part of E3 2017. The game itself is currently out right now for PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices.

No one should be surprised that this day would come given that Sub-Zero was teased to be a playable character in Injustice 2 shortly after the game released. However, it doesn’t mean that chills of excitement should be stifled given that the popular ice ninja from Mortal Kombat will soon be a playable character in the upcoming DLC pack.

Breaking the ice in terms of his move-set, Sub-Zero seems like a pretty cool character in that he fulfills both an offensive and defensive role. The overall concept of the nimble Sub-Zero in Injustice 2 allows him to setup combos with his frozen doppelgangers and to keep players away with his long range projectiles, while at the same time doubling over with a decent array of up-close melee moves making him a pretty harsh and cold opponent to face.

Both the official description and the reveal trailer by NetherRealm Studios for Sub-Zero are up for you to look over.

“Sub-Zero is a lethal cryomancer and leader of the reformed Lin Kuei clan. When Sub-Zero was younger, the Lin Kuei were corrupted and destroyed from within, staining their honor.”

As most Mortal Kombat fans should know, Sub-Zero is not able to do finishers or a form of decapitation in Injustice 2. However, the creators still found a way to sneak some brutality into the game by implementing his spine ripping finisher as his victory pose… that’s bone-chilling right there.

Sub-Zero is set to be playable when Fighter Pack 1 arrives in July for PS4, Xbox One, iOS and Android devices. Lastly, I wonder how the interactions and banter between Captain Cold and Sub-Zero will be like? I bet they’ll be pretty… chill.

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