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17 June 2017

Kindergarten Gameplay Walkthrough

Connor Boyle and Sean Young’s Kindergarten is a dark, gory comedy about a young kid trying to survive through kindergarten. The game starts with the disappearance of Billy, and after players get a basic rundown of the controls they’re thrown into the game world. For gamers who need a bit of a walkthrough to help them out, there’s a gameplay walkthrough available.

First and foremost, don’t take the janitor’s warnings lightly. If you don’t skedaddle when he tells you to flex your buns out of his face, you will die.

Grab the pill from the one kid and buy the yoyo off the other kid once you enter into the front of the kindergarten, as demonstrated in the video below from YouTuber BubbleKnight.

Jerome’s Mission

Give the yoyo to the black kid and he’ll give you a hall pass so you can get his laser pointer from the janitor’s broom closet. Go into the broom closet, take out the screw on the shelf with the secret stuff box. When the box slides down take the laser pointer and give it to the black kid after you meet him again in the cafeteria.

Hide the laser pointer in the garbage can; the janitor will take the garbage to the bathroom.

The black kid will pay off the lunch lady so you can leave the cafeteria and go into the bathroom. The hall pass kid will require a cigarette before you can check the garbage. You can buy the cigarette from Monty at the very beginning of the day.

During recess In order to solve the duck puzzle, press the yellow duck two times, the blue duck once, the red duck once and the yellow duck again and you’ll get a monster card. If you need help with the puzzle it’s located at the 19:00 minute mark in the video above.

Alternatively, if you’re doing the Jerome mission, Monty will give you a mission during recess to plant a device behind the janitor. If you do plant the device behind the janitor it will blow him up.

During show and tell, show the teacher the screwdriver; do not show her the hall pass.

This will complete Monday.

At the beginning of the day talk to Nugget and get the pills. Go to Monty and talk to him about the key mold that Jerome gave you.

If you talk to Monty and then talk to the Janitor about his “Biscuts” sign being misspelled, he will go over and beat Monty within an inch of his life. You’ll get Monty’s glasses for the trouble; you can give the glasses to the lunch lady and then use it to go explore the hall. If you have the screwdriver you can use it to open the vent to get the monster card.

In the third video it covers Cindy’s mission, where she enacts her vengeance against Lily.

Take the gum from Cindy and put the gum in Lily’s hair when you get into class.

You’ll be able to play house with Cindy. Role-play through the events with Cindy and she’ll invite you to have lunch with her in the cafeteria. Get the biscuit from the janitor and offer it to Cindy.

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