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Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare Set To Hit PC Via Steam This July

Once featured on Steam Greenlight and now ready to come out on Steam Early Access sometime in July, 2017, Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare is a new tactical stealth-action game. The PC title recently received a new trailer to celebrate its newly posted Steam “Coming Soon” page.

If you happen to like mechs, drones and other robotic elements that help compliment tactical military gameplay, I think that Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare might be something to pique your interest. Drone is said to be a destructive isometric shooter that combines tactical sneaking and visceral combat into one game.

Furthermore, Drone has players unlawfully taking control of any mechanized asset that not only brings havoc to its surroundings but doubles as an optional vehicle to progress forward. The act of hacking mechanized vehicles or weapons also promotes for different kinds of play-styles and approaching levels in unique ways, which hopefully adds to the game’s replay values and different encounters when playing through a mission.

Below reads the current description for Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare:

“Set in a dark vision of a high-tech future, Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare is a unique gameplay experience combining stealth, strategy and visceral action.”

Moreover, the game will feature three Zones and 12 missions for folks to participate in, which sport different robots, mechanized weapons, vehicles and highly responsive satellite cameras that can track the entire battlefield. If all of that sounds like fun, the official trailer by Drone: RTW that shows Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare can be seen below.

According to the current road map that publisher and developer Infamous Entertainment have going for the game sees Drone releasing on Early Access mid-2017, with multiplayer support along with a complete single-player campaign following shortly after the Early Access release. A Beta release will drop early 2018, which the final retail release is planned for 2018.

More info can be found detailing the devs and their game Drone: Remote Tactical Warfare by hitting up

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