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1456710cookie-checkLone Echo Launch Trailer Looks More Impressive Than It Has Any Right To

Lone Echo Launch Trailer Looks More Impressive Than It Has Any Right To

Ready at Dawn and Oculus Studios released the official launch trailer for Lone Echo, the sci-fi space game due out exclusively for the Oculus Rift on July 20th.

The two minute trailer gives a quick overview of what to expect from the game, including shots of the fully rendered player-view model and world-view model of the robot you’ll be playing throughout the game. Finally, a VR title with a full-bodied player-character!

Not only do players inhabit the role of the Echo-01, but the chassis reactions in zero gravity along with the first-person arm movements really help bring the experience to life. It looks really good. But certainly don’t take my word for it, check out the launch trailer below.

Another highlight to the game is that you won’t have to worry about physical conditions limiting your exploration and maneuverability in deep space; usually you have to deal with oxygen levels, blacking out, blood pressure, cold, or sun-rays. But in the case of Lone Echo, you get all the benefits of an autonomous robot without any of the inhibitions that come with a meat bag suit.

Speaking of meat bags… you will have to accompany and watch out for a human companion along the way… the captain of the vessel.

Things eventually take a turn for the worst when a slipstream anomaly appears and the crew is put in danger. There seems to be a mixture of survival and some puzzle solving and exploration elements in Lone Echo. It’s not a typical first-person game and it could help it set itself apart from the standard fanfare out there.

In addition to Lone Echo, there’s also the release of Echo Arena, which will come bundled in with the single-player game. It looks a-okay, similar to that team battle arena featured in the movie Ender’s Game.

Technically, I have to admit that Lone Echo looks like fun. The major issue, however, is that it’s on the Oculus Rift and it’s exclusive to the Rift. So if you want to play the game you will have to sell your soul to Facebook come July 20th.

You can learn more about the game by visiting the official website.

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