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Injustice 2 Black Manta Gameplay Video Covers His Combos, Powers, And Super Move

NetherRealm Studios posted up a new video of Black Manta and his moveset, specials and supers for his inevitable release in Injustice 2. The video is only two minutes long, giving gamers a brief glimpse at what they can expect from the very dangerous and very imposing Black Manta.

He’s easily one of DC’s more recognizable super-villains despite the fact that he isn’t used nearly as often as one would think. Aquaman’s arch nemesis’ appearance in Injustice 2 is very welcomed, though, and anyone looking to kick butt and take names with the aquatic destroyer can look to do so fairly soon. But enough prattle, check out the video below.

The video starts with the most expected showdown between Black Manta and Aquaman, with the latter telling the former that “Atlantis is off limits!”. Manta responds saying “So was my father!”. Yeesh.

That pent up frustration doesn’t stay pent up for long, we get to see Manta kicking and stabbing the crap out of people. His dual knives make him look like a savage beast, and early in the trailer he’s reserved in how he utilizes his optic beams.

Later on, however, we begin to see that Manta can use his beams both for short-range combo extensions and for long-range zoning. He can zone from those attempting to crouch-block, and for those attempting to close the distance with aerial maneuvers.

Another really awesome thing is that he can whip out a harpoon cannon much like Scorpion, and yank his opponents close to him for additional damage.

His super move starts kind of lame but it just keeps ramping up until he finally finishes his opponents with a massive beam strike that grounds them. Had the game been rated ‘M’ I imagine that the beam would have completely disintegrated his foes. Also, his outro scene where he obliterates the surrounding area and walks off in slow motion while the world around him is engulged in flames is absolutely pure badass.

Injustice 2 - Black Manta Outro

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Manta’s moveset and abilities match him perfectly. I’m also somewhat interested in seeing what his other Gear sets look like.

Black Manta is part of the second season of content for Injustice 2, and he will be made available as part of the season pass or as a separate download starting in September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners.

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