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3 August 2017

The Long Dark: Episode 1 Gameplay Walkthrough

The Long Dark: Wintermute is now available for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The survival game has been in development for quite some time, but it graduated Early Access and managed to make its way onto home consoles and PC. There’s a walkthrough of the game’s first episode from Hinterland Studios. For gamers who need a bit of help with the game, hopefully this guide will help.

The first part of the game, Wintermute, is covered in full by YouTuber RabidRetroSpectGames. You can check out the full near four hour walkthrough below.

You’ll need to stay warm first and foremost. After Mackenzie wakes up from the crash you’ll need to pull the piece of metal out of his hand and make your way into a cave where you’ll need to start a fire.

Lay down some wood and then go into your inventory and click on some spare newspaper; harvest the newspaper and use it to tinder the wood, and then proceed to start a fire by clicking on the woodpile. This is part of the main quest for the starting missions in the first chapter. If you have sticks or other flammable material, you can use it to keep the fire kindled.

Use the bandages or first aid kits to heal yourself and then Mackenzie will go to sleep.

When you wake up you’ll need to scavenge supplies. You can breakdown material such as boxes or branches to uncover rations and food from the airplane crash.

Day 2’s mission is pretty simple: find some water and eat some food.

Gather up some snow from outside and then go back into the cave and start a fire. If you have a jug or any other item to hold liquids, you can melt the snow over the fire and then boil the water over the fire. The purpose of boiling the water is to purify it of any bacteria.

Eat the rations and drink the melted snow to make it through Day 2.

Day 3 is pretty easy. Simply run outside, grab some material for the fire and start a fire in the cave. You’ll need plenty of flammable material to add to the fire so that it will burn all throughout the night.

The Long Dark - Astrid

On Day 4 head outside and across the fallen over tree to start up a flashback cinematic featuring Astrid and Mackenzie centered around the mysterious metal case.

After the cinematic ends you’ll find a jacket in the snow, along with a dead caribou carcass. You can retrieve some of the meat to take back to your makeshift camp in the cave.

You’ll need to cook the meat, otherwise if you eat it raw you might get food poisoning. Additionally, carrying around raw meat will attract carnivorous predators, so cook it and store as soon as possible.

You’ll need to attempt to climb up the rock surface just beyond the fallen over tree. Mackenzie will fail and sprain his ankle. Grab the rose hips from the nearby bush and boil some water after melting some snow. Crush the rose hips from your inventory after you collect enough from the bushes; make sure the fire is hot enough and then use the crushed rose hips in the boiled water to create an herbal tea.

Keep in mind that as you use the fire to heat things up it will deplete. So make sure to gather up plenty of wood and other material to keep the fire burning bright.

After drinking the tea, Mackenzie will go to sleep. On Day 5 proceed to climb up the rock face that you attempted the day before, and gather some of the rose hips along the way.

Another cinematic will play once you reach the downed plane. A few more supplies can be gather up, along with clues to Astrid’s whereabouts.

You can also sprint but it will burn your stamina.

You’ll also be able to pick up some small stones and use them to throw at rabbits. You can aim with one trigger and throw with the other – use Mackenzie’s on-screen left hand as a reticule guide.

Throw the rocks at the stray rabbits to murder them and eat them.

It only takes one hit to stun a rabbit. Pick it up and break open its neck.


You’ll need to also keep in mind the temperature of Mackenzie, so if he starts to suffer from hypothermia, build a campfire nearby to warm up.

Open up your inventory and you can harvest the rabbit meat and cook it over the fire.


If you venture beyond the rabbit’s domain you’ll find a cave.

You can search the dead body at the start of the cave to find a torch. You can light the torch to create a light source. Further in you’ll find a backpack with antiseptic and a few other materials inside, along with a letter from Alice about being lost in the snow storm.

Keep the torch lit and proceed just outside of the cave. There will be a wolf there eating the carcass of a deer. Don’t throw the torch because it won’t do anything.
You can hold the torch toward the wolf to keep it at bay or attempt to sneak around it. If you fight the wolf you will be badly damaged and lose blood and sustain serious injuries. You can choose to puncture the wolf, however.

If you move further into the wilderness, you’ll find that the pathway leads to a road and the road leads to a bridge. There’s also a car on the side of the road you can enter and gather up supplies from; do so.

If you continue down the road you’ll happen upon Spruce Falls Bridge.

Also, keep in mind that if you decide to fight the wolves, your gear will get ruined, so keep that mind before you start trading blows. Before entering into a fight it might be wise to first repair any of your gear, especially your pants, thermos and jacket.

Continue along the roadway until you happen upon a small cabin.

Inside you’ll be able to rest on a bed, save your game and warm up a bit. It’s about a five minute journey from the car, so make sure you’re warm and toasty before making the journey.

You’ll find some food inside, some health supplies, water bottle, newspaper, Jerry can, and a few other useful supplies.

Continue to traverse through the snow along the road and across the hills until you come across a sign that points toward “Milton”. Mackenzie will note that Astrid could have ended up there.

Further down the road toward Milton there’s a deer carcass with a couple of wolves nearby, feeding. You don’t have to engage with them, instead you can move around toward the church to get past them.


You’ll find a few useful items inside the church, including some items you can breakdown and turn into fuel for fire, as well as some mittens, a worn down jacket, a stack of papers and a pallet for you to sleep on.

A burned out campfire is also located inside the church, which you can use to warm up, cook some meat and get toasty.

Leave the church and proceed down the road toward Milton, which is across the bridge. Go into the house with the smoke coming out from the chimney and a cinematic will play with the lady.

You’ll be able to talk to the old lady about the townsfolk who fled. You can ask Grey Mother about those who fled and where Milton is on the map.


If you ask Grey Mother about fuel she’ll direct you to an axe you can use to cut up some tree logs and gather wood from the forest.

If you do for Grey Mother you can earn her trust and gain additional items to help you out.

Inside the small shacks you’ll find some extra food supplies and a few beverages you can take with you. And remember to grab the hatchet from the shed out back.

Inside the bank you’ll find a safe. The safe lock combination is: 6, 20, 34

If you search the reception office at the front of the bank you’ll find a key. Take it.

Inside the abandoned houses you’ll find socks, sweaters, hats, gloves, and cargo pants.

In order to complete the Grey Mother quest, stockpile flammable material and go to the porch and add stacks of firewood and other flammable material to fill up the fire bin. You’ll need 30 pieces of firewood to complete the quest.

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