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1460910cookie-checkThrustmaster Announces TS-XW Sparco P310 Wheel For PC, Xbox One

Thrustmaster Announces TS-XW Sparco P310 Wheel For PC, Xbox One

A new TS-XW Sparco P310 Competition Racing Wheel was announced recently by Thrustmaster. This wheel is being promoted as the first major racing wheel designed by Thrustmaster in collaboration with Sparco.

Thrustmaster announced that their new Sparco P310 racing wheel is designed with the e-racing community in mind. They’ve designed it with a 12.2 inch diameter, and a 1:1 replica scale of the real life Sparco P310 sports steering wheel.

The wheel is also designed with a suede leather covering wrap, and has two five-inch all-metal adjustable paddle shifters. The wheel angle rotation can also be adjusted from 270° up to 1080°.


It’s an expensive wheel but it comes with a 450-watt brushless servomotor for high-dynamic torque and true force-feedback support, along with a motor cooling system so that it stays responsive and doesn’t overheat, while also keeping the system running quietly.

Built-in face buttons that replicate Xbox One controls allow for easy menu navigation, and there’s a field oriented control algorithm for highly reactive torque response with a 16-bit resolution and up to 65,536 values of precision based on the HallEffect AccuRate Technology.

Helping with the smoothness and responsiveness is a dual belt-pulley system with a metal ball-bearing axle, and an external power supply that feeds up to 400 watts of peak power to the wheel during your most intense races.


Now all of this high-tech goodness is only as good as the software it’s compatible with. According to the press release, the TS-XW Sparco P310 racing wheel is compatible with all of Thrustmasters pedal sets, gear shifters and detachable wheels, in case you need to replace it.

It will work on all Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows 10 systems, along with the Xbox family, consisting of the Xbox One, Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One X.

The TS-XW Sparco P310 Competition Mod Racing Wheel will be available in September of 2017 for €699.99.

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