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1461710cookie-checkVaporum, Steampunk Dungeon Crawling RPG Launches On Steam Sept 28th

Vaporum, Steampunk Dungeon Crawling RPG Launches On Steam Sept 28th

Starting in late September, gamers looking for an old-school DRPG set within a steampunk universe will be able to take a trip into the world of Fatbot Games’ Vaporum. The independent developers announced that their game is set to release on September 28th on Steam.

Vaporum is a truly old-school affair, putting players in a dungeon-esque environment where exploration and scavenging is key for success. The objective is to scour a dangerous tower filled with mechanical monsters and inhuman inhabitants.

As you move through each layer of the lair you’ll have to find equipment and upgrades to help aid you in battle. A while back a Steam Greenlight trailer showcased some of the gameplay elements, as players moved through the tower using classic DRPG mechanics, including lateral four-directional movements, and screen-space battle encounters just like those old Dragon’s World games or Moraff’s World titles. You can check out the video below.

Unlike a lot of other games coming out or recently released, this is a dungeon-crawler that is not multiplayer. You will have to traverse the tower all by your lonesome self, and you will have to use your own wits and cunning to make it through the trials and tribulations offered up throughout the journey.

The developers note that they were inspired by classics like Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder, but wanted to add a steampunk twist to their RPG adventure. This is definitely a game designed for a specific kind of audience, so don’t go in expecting a “broadly appealing” casual game. Some developers actually still take time to make specialized, genre-specific games; thank goodness.

You’ll have a mixture of melee and projectile-based weaponry at your disposal, along with a variety of other gear and tactics that you can employ along the way.

You can look for the real-time, tactical, DRPG to launch on Steam starting September 28th. For more info on this particular indie title, feel free to visit the official website.

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